The Grands and the Grand Piano

N's grandparents came to visit N and I this weekend. They mainly came because they wanted to go to a piano store and look at a piano they've had their eyes on. They ended up buying it, a $5K grand piano. Pretty cool!

The grands got to the apartment Friday afternoon at 4:30, a few minutes before N got home from work. They were so funny because even though they were only staying for one night, they came totally prepared with wine, beer, cigars, coffee, etc. Now I see where N gets his over preparedness for trips!

We had a good time Friday night just sitting around the small dining room table, talking. We had planned on going out for dinner, but we decided to get takeout Chinese food from instead. I went and got the food and I probably shouldn't have because I was a bit tipsy. I recall driving a bit too fast here and there. Luckily, nothing happened and I got back home safely. I shouldn't do stuff like that because that's so dangerous! Wtf is wrong with me?

Anyways, we had a nice Chinese food feast, and after dinner we sat around talking. I embarrassingly recall that all the alcohol made me super chatty. Ugh I was just chatting utter shit about my mom and her past and all kinds of other sordid topics. I hope I wasn't too out of line...

After the grands went to bed, I attempted to drink more wine, but N took it from me, rightfully so, because I did NOT need any more. Water, I needed water. I showered and got ready for bed and then I sat out on the couch and looked up YouTube videos of Iggy Azalea, who I'm kind of liking right now. Because I was so tipsy, I was sitting there dancing in my seat like a fool lol. N played video games as I jammed out. When I was time for bed, I drunkenly decided I didn't want to sleep in the bed with N. I don't know why...I'm not recalling me starting a drunken argument, so I don't know what made me decide to do that. So, I ended up sleeping most of the night on the couch. It was actually pretty comfy because I curled up with my sister's cozy red blanket that looks like Santa's cape. I woke up around 5:30 and got in the bed with N, who sleepily asked where I had been. I lied and said I accidentally fell asleep on the couch. He snuggled right up to me and kissed me, so I guess I avoided doing any more damage to the relationship.

I've said this a million times, but I really need to be careful with that. N has said many times that if I keep losing control like I have while drinking, then he will not want to be in a relationship with me anymore. That's so scary! Why can't I just get my act together? I keep playing with fire by continuing to drink too much, and once I drink too much, the likelihood of me causing problems skyrockets. I don't know why all this hateful, stupid stuff comes out of me.

Anyways, the next day, we had a leisurely breakfast with the grands (way leisurely...these people can talk!) and after a while, we went to Earthfare for lunch. We all got sandwiches from the deli, and N's grandfather opened one of his bottles of wine he had just bought at the table for us to have a small bit of it! N and I were both wondering if we were allowed to do that, and he said, "Why not? I'll do it until someone says no." Haha.

After that, I headed to meet my mom and my sister at the parade of homes, which is this event that has big houses fully furnished and decorated for us poor peasants to tour and see how the other half lives. Rich people waste so much space in their big houses. Who really needs 2 living rooms AND a media room? The only thing I really liked about those houses were the master bathrooms. MAN!! Those things are magnificent and practically like spas! I'm talking giant showers with multiple shower heads, huge luxurious tubs, and fancy sinks. I would love to have a bathroom like that, but I could do without the rest.

After looking at the big houses and feeling very poor, we went to a nearby shopping outlet to look around. I, of course, spent the whole time in the cosmetics store and ended up spending $50 on anti aging serums and creams. Why do I buy all of these things that won't help me look better? It's like putting a wig on a pig. Not an improvement.

Today, we celebrated my mom's 63rd birthday. We got Bruegger's Bagels for breakfast at her request, and then we just sat around socializing for a while. We eventually got our acts together and all got ready to go out to lunch at a steak house, which was delicious! Mmm, meat. We then had cake and presents at the house, and my mom was so excited to open her gifts! It was so cute to see her so excited and happy like a little kid!

Now, the weekend is over and it's back to the work grind. At least I only have to work for 2 more weeks and then I get a 2 week vacation for Christmas. Can't wait!

6:29 p.m. - Sunday, Dec. 07, 2014


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