Great Lake Weekend

Ok, so things are back on point with N. We had a great weekend after the initial blah Thursday night. On Friday, I went over to his mom's house around 1 pm. Before I headed over there, he told me to hurry because we'd have the house to ourselves for a bit...yeah. When I got there, we immediately went upstairs to his room and stripped our clothes off (we waste no time). I climbed onto the bed just wearing my panties, but then he ripped them off and went down on me. Pretty hot! We were at it for a while and were so hot and sweaty by the time we finished.

After getting it on, we went downstairs and made some lunch. While eating lunch, his mom called and told us to be on the lookout for his sister, who would be coming home from school on the bus soon. While waiting by the door and looking out the window for the bus, N gave me my Christmas present, which was a holiday makeup gift set by Benefit (that my sister told him to get LOL). I was still very happy to get it and I could tell it made him happy to see me so excited about his gift, so that was cute.

As soon as his sister's bus dropped her off, N's mom and stepdad pulled up with a van full of groceries, so we helped bring them in and put them away. We then sat around talking for a bit and that was fun because I really like N's mom. She's just so nice and really smart. She has her Ph.D. and teaches Italian (her grandparents were from Italy).

Once it got to late afternoon, I ran home to pack an overnight bag because N and I were going to head up to his grandparent's lake house. By the time I got home, packed a bag, and got on the road, it was already dark which made me nervous because his grandparents live waaaaay out in the woods on the lake, so there are a lot of deer and other creatures that like to pop in front of the car. One time I tried to leave the lake house to go meet friends around midnight, and I saw so many deer that it was like The Ring 2. It was so creepy and scary that I literally turned around and went back to the lake house! Luckily, I only saw a bunny and a raccoon this time.

Once I got there, I got hugs from his grandparents and N, so that was nice. His grandmother was in the process of making dinner, so we all just stood around talking, eating tapas, and getting things ready for dinner. His grandmother made an amazing meal of various pastas, italian sausage, veggies, and warm bread. Those Italians, man! Damn that food was good. N and I loaded up our plates first and then I felt so embarrassed when his grandmother sat down because she had such small amounts of food on her plate! I immediately felt like a huge glutton and a bad guest for piling up my plate like a greedy pig. Yes, I still ate most of it anyway. Oh well.

After dinner, we were all full and sleepy. It was really cold outside, so N's grandfather decided to make a fire in their nice fireplace. They have 2 recliners right by the fireplace, so it was amazingly relaxing and cozy. The grans eventually went to bed, and N and I went into the tv room to watch the movie The Purple Rose of Cairo. I started to get sleepy halfway through it, so we agreed to finish the movie in the morning. Before going to sleep, we had an evening romp in the bed. We had to be extra quiet, though, because our room was right next to his grandparents' room. We did a lot of doggie with him standing beside the bed. That doesn't do much for me but once N finished and left the room to use the bathroom, I finished myself off. I take matters into my own hands! Literally! lol. I didn't sleep well that night because N was snoring so badly. It was so damn annoying! I really wanted some sleeping pills, but I hadn't brought my packet with me. I hate being a light sleeper. Anyway, I eventually fell asleep and had a horrible dream that these two girls, one blonde and one brunette, showed up at the lake house. Somehow it was revealed that N had slept with the blonde after we became a couple. I was so distraught, crying and yelling at N "How could you do that to me?" and running around the lake house gathering my stuff so I could leave. The worst part is he didn't seem to care that he had betrayed me because he was smiling and laughing. Ugh, really terrible dream. Seeing how bad I felt just dreaming about things ending with N made me realize that I really do love N and want him to be mine, no matter what doubts or fears I may have from time to time (ok, ok, a lot of the time).

When we woke up in the morning, I showered and got ready for the day while N made breakfast. He made us fried egg sandwiches with sausage and cheese on English muffins. DELISH, I SAY! N and I finished up the movie The Purple Rose in Cairo. It was an ok movie. By the time the movie finished, it was lunchtime, so we made these massive sandwiches with roast beef, salami, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, the works! We sat at the dining table, munching away on our sandwiches and looking out at the lake. The dining table is in the sunroom, which is mostly windows, so it provides an amazing panoramic view of the lake. Gah, I love that house. While eating, we were talking about how people don't even socialize anymore because everyone is on their phones. I reminisced about being at my grandparents' house, in which the entertainment was sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs, talking, and drinking sweet tea until it got dark. Once it got dark, my sister and I would run around in the grass, catching lightning bugs in mason jars. Even though the grass at my grandparents' house was mostly clover, I never found a four leaf clover. In the summer of 2011, I found a four leaf clover in the backyard of N's mom's house while N and I hung out back there so he could have a smoke. I told him about it while we ate our sandwiches, and he remarked that he must be my good luck charm, haha. I remember thinking at the time when I found the clover that it could be a "sign" that N was meant to be mine. I even kept the clover and taped it into my journal! I'm silly, I know. Oh well.

Sometimes I can attach too much meaning to things, but I guess in this case, that 4 leaf clover did kind of mean something. After eating lunch, N wanted to start drinking beer, so we had beer while his grandparents sat with us, ate their lunches, and talked about growing up in Chicago. His grandparents are such interesting people. They've been together for almost 50 years (they met when they were both 17 and got married at 21) and they've lived all over the world (Germany, Italy, England, to name a few), so they definitely have some stories to tell!

N and I pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon drinking and lounging in those recliners by the fire. SO GREAT. N's mom, stepdad, and siblings came up to spend the rest of the weekend, so we had yet another fabulous dinner. This time, we had pork roast with dumplings and asparagus. I must have been drunk by dinner because I'm having trouble even remembering the dinner. No idea what we all talked about or anything. After dinner, the drinking continued when N's grandfather popped open some champagne. As we all toasted to a happy new year and were about to take our first sips, N said "Wait!" and he made me link my arm around his while we took a sip of our champagne. He knows people do that at their weddings, right? Of course, his mom snapped a picture of us. I didn't get to see what it looked like and it hasn't turned up on Facebook...probably because I look like a troll in it.

Anyways, more champagne and then some V8 with vodka definitely made me forget some details of the night...I tried watching that movie At The World's End (that stupid bar crawl movie) with N and his two brothers, but it was just too stupid for me, so I sat out in the living room with the adults. No idea what I did...I remember N eventually reappeared by my side after the movie was over. I apparently took some pictures of him with my phone while he was sitting beside me on the couch because I discovered them the next day. Definitely don't remember taking them.

When it was time for bed, N and I definitely got hot and heavy. I guess the booze was starting to wear off by then because I remember everything that happened, but I was still being bolder than usual. I made him bite me as he kissed me, so that was hot. He also went down on me for ages and it felt so good, but I just couldn't get there. I blame the booze. Either way, it was all still great. I went into the kitchen after to get some water, and N's mom was in there playing Scrabble on her phone because she couldn't sleep. The kitchen is really close to where N and I were doing naughty things, so I PRAY she didn't hear anything! Ugh, so embarrassing. Who am I kidding, she's probably heard all kinds of stuff these past 2 1/2 years. N popped my cherry in the room right next to her bedroom...ahhhhh.

Even though I fell asleep and stayed asleep for once, I woke up at 5 am (probably because I had been drinking). I couldn't fall back asleep because I was soooo thirsty from all the alcohol and my bones hurt after all the strenuous sexual activity. I eventually fell back asleep for a bit. When N woke up, we started kissing and touching. He started rubbing me in exactly the right spot, and I touched him while he did. He didn't stop until I...well, yeah. So crazy I couldn't get off last night with all that hot sex, but just a little rubbing in the morning and boom! After that, N couldn't help but rip my pajamas off and get his, too. Don't blame him.

So yeah, it was a great weekend overall. I was very sad it had to end and I had to go back to work. UGH. Luckily, it hasn't been too bad yet. Knock on wood.

7:09 p.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 07, 2014


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