The Obesity Gene

So, what did I do today? Oh yeah, my mom and I went and got bagels this morning, so that was tasty. Smoked salmon for me, oh yes! After that, I drove her to get her hair cut, and then we went to look at diploma frames. Even though my sister graduated from undergrad a year ago and I got my Master's degree almost a year ago, we both haven't gotten our degrees framed yet. We figured it was about time. Of course, the frame I got two years ago for my undergraduate degree has been discontinued. Luckily, they had another frame that matched close enough, so I went ahead and ordered two frames so my Master's and Specialist degrees will match. It doesn't matter they won't match my undergraduate degree because I went to another university for grad school. This probably makes no sense to anyone but me.

After all of that, my mom and I met up with my sister downtown for the best chicken in the world. It's broasted and tastes even better than fried, and the restaurant serves it with this amazing salty cole slaw and hot fries. It's to die for! I literally can't move out of state because I have to be somewhat close to this restaurant. What a foodie I am!

After the late lunch, I drove around with my sister for ages trying to find her a new pair of sneakers, aka "tennis shoes" here in the South. She's been on a mission to get a new pair of Nike's, even though she just bought a $150 pair. She's convinced her current pair is "bulky" and "not good", thus she must buy a new pair. Oh well, she's got a military boyfriend who is currently serving overseas and making a ton of money, which he sends to her and demands she buys things for herself. It must be nice to have a boyfriend that sends you hundreds of dollars every few weeks and demands you purchase things, such as new shoes and massages. Must. Be. Nice.

When Nick and I first reconnected back in 2011, he was 70 pounds heavier and had long hair that he wore in a ponytail! I was 30 pounds lighter. I guess we all change over time...gain weight, lose weight, etc. I still can't believe he's mine. Who would have EVER thought that I would end up with someone I knew in 8th grade and then reconnected with 8 years later? Not only that but when we reconnected, he had a girlfriend he had been with for 4 years and I had absolutely zero experience with guys. A few months later, he broke up with his girlfriend, "deflowered" me, and we've been in each other's lives ever since. Of course, there were other guys for me and other women for him. I have been with 5 guys and he has been with 13 women. I was #11 for him, and of course, he was #1 for me.

Considering all of that, I never could have predicted that we would be a couple in two years' time. Why would he pick me out of all of those women he's been with? I've heard a lot about most of them over the years, and I'm nothing like any of them, so what's the appeal? I'm not sure. All of the other women seem to be...more "edgy" than me. They do drugs, they didn't go to college, they like to get in physical fights with people, etc. Of course, I'm generalizing, but you get the idea. I'm nothing like that. Ugh oh well, I give up trying to understand.

That show Snooki and Jwoww is on tv right now...how did Snooki lose so much weight? Damn, sometimes I wish I could give myself anorexia. I hate being so fat, but I also LOVE food. I hate myself, but I guess not enough to refuse to feed myself. Damn it! I'm pretty sure my family has the "obesity" gene. My dad did die at age 35 from weight complications, after all. I'm probably headed the same way if I don't get my act together. I say that as I finish off a 1.5 L bottle of red wine and head to the kitchen to heat up buttered noodles...sigh.

9:10 p.m. - Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013


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