Christmas Things and Such

Ahh, my face is burning! The skincare line I use to keep acne away doesn't usually burn, but right now I feel like I poured acid on my face. Even moisturizer isn't making it stop burning!! Ahhhhhh! Ok, it's starting to settle down now, but wtf? Why would my skincare stuff suddenly start feeling like it's burning my face off? Weird.

Anyways, today was an alright post-Christmas day. Did I even talk about Christmas Day? I guess not. Yesterday was a nice day as well. As soon as my sister and I were awake, my mom made bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls with fruit. We ate that while watching Say Yes to the Dress (my favorite show to watch while eating breakfast). After breakfast, my sister and I started the getting ready process. I showered and everything, and then I spent ages doing my makeup. I'm really into eyeshadow and applying them in a certain way these days, like shading in the crease and all of that. It really makes a difference! I also happened to get the Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay as an early Christmas present, and it has all of these wonderful bronzy shimmery colors, which are right up my alley and go well with my brown eyes. My sister even let me do her eyes and she really liked the outcome, so that was fun.

By the time I was ready, no one else was, so I sat around on the computer, looking on Facebook and the usual. I also started drinking red wine spritzers, so that made it more fun. We had to wait on my older sister to get to the house before we could do presents or anything, so that was kind of annoying. She knows we do presents right after eating breakfast, yet she didn't show up until dinnertime. Clearly she had other people she would rather spend Christmas day with than her own family. Oh well.

When she finally got here, we took the yearly pictures by the tree and the mantelpiece and all of that stuff, and then we got to open presents. We all had fun and got nice things, so that was enjoyable. My most interesting gift was a Diamond Candle. Each Diamond Candle has a ring in it that ranges in value from $10 to $5,000! You have to burn the candle down a little bit to get the pouch with the ring in it out of the candle. I immediately started burning my candle so I could get to the exciting part of revealing the ring inside.

The ring I got is not the $5K ring I was hoping for, but it's still a pretty one! Too bad I have sausage fingers and the ring is too small. Yet another glaring sign that I need to lose weight, sigh. Now I'm addicted to the excitement of the Diamond Candles! Whoever thought of hiding rings (and potentially expensive rings) in candles was a genius! It's just like gambling for the girls...we just never know when we'll get a lucky candle with an expensive ring in it! If they weren't so expensive, I'd buy another candle immediately, but they're $30, which is a bit much, in my opinion. I'll just have to keep asking for them as gifts, I guess. Too bad both my birthday and Christmas have just passed. Graduation?? I'm not even a big jewelry person, but this whole idea turned me into such a girl. Ohhh, a surprise ring in a candle, yayyy!

After presents, my mom and my sisters and I sat down to an AMAZING meal, thanks to my mom. We had standing rib roast (topped with grilled mushrooms and onions) with hash brown casserole, squash, and dinner rolls. Omg that meat was amazing!!! Just so tender and juicy and yum! It just melted in our mouths. I was a total piranha and just downed all of that deliciousness so fast. Bravo, mommy!

After dinner, we opened our stockings of candy and sat around digesting that huge meal. By then, it was starting to get late, so my older sister went home and I went to bed. I just can't stay up late these days. At this rate, I don't know how I'll stay up for New Year's!

Today was alright. Woke up and had bagels and coffee and watched Say Yes to the Dress and Modern Family with my mom. By the time my sister woke up, it was lunchtime. I had a craving for Burger King, so down to the BK we rode. They took forever getting our food, so so much for being "fast" food. At least it was tasty! I haven't had Burger King in years, probably.

After lunch, I got ready to go to the movies because my sister said she wanted to see one that was playing at 4 pm. I showered and got ready and was anyone else ready by the time 3:30 rolled around? No! My sister discovered that a drugstore is running a special on printing pictures, so she wants to get all the pictures from her European travels printed. So instead of getting ready, she was pouring through all her Europe pictures, selecting the best ones. That took hours, of course, so we didn't go to the 4 pm movie. My mom was also on her computer, so I was bored. I decided to pass the time by drinking the rest of the red and white wine in the house, so I got a nice buzz going on. My sister finally got ready to go to the 6:45 pm movie, and my mom told my sister in a somber voice, "you drive to the movies", and then she looked at me as if I had 3 heads. Ok sure, I had had several glasses of wine, but I wasn't even planning on driving anyway! Plus it's not like I was drunk and stumbling around or slurring my words, I was just sitting there on the internet. She always gets so serious when I drink and she looks at me with a grave face. It's annoying!

Anyways, my best friend I haven't seen in forever decided to come to the movies too, so she picked me up from my house. We saw Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn in it. It was alright, pretty funny. All the wine I had before the movie made me SOO thirsty and I felt like my mouth was a desert. I almost couldn't wait for the movie to end because I was so thirsty.

After the movie, my best friend and I decided to go back to her house so we could drink some more without being judged by either of our families. She's never even at her house anymore these days because she has 2 jobs on this side of town. She literally only goes over there to feed her dogs and cats, and her roommate does that most of the time. We had to stop by the store before going to her house because we were both starving and wanted to eat buttered noodles and drink chocolate milk. And I wonder why I have weight problems, yeesh.

After what felt like eternity, we FINALLY made it to her house. I was still dying of thirst, so I just started chugging sprite as soon as we got in. Ahhhhh. By the way, let me remind you that my best friend's house was the scene of many drunken nights in 2012...not to mention the house where ALL of my other sexual encounters besides N occurred. I've been with 5 people total, and I got with 4 of them at that very house! N was the only one I didn't get with at that house. Even weirder, my last conquest (which happened in November 2012) happens to be my best friend's roommate, and he was there! It wasn't awkward or anything, though, because too much time has passed. Wow, I just realized I haven't been with anyone except N since November 2012. That's over a year now! I've also been with N physically since July 2011...that's over 2 1/2 years! Ok ok, I'm getting off track. So yeah, we hung out for a little bit. We ended up not drinking much because we were so hungry. We ate a pile of noodles and drank chocolate milk and then called it a night. My best friend drove me back home and she went to sleep for a couple of hours before she has to get up for her paper route.

Anyways, being back at that house and actually getting to spend time with my best friend after so much time made me realize that I'm glad those crazy days are over. That was never really me in the first place, but I guess I had to "experiment" and push boundaries or whatever since I never did any of that in my teens. Oh well, got it out of my system. I don't even know if I can relate that well to my best friend anymore, either. She never seems genuinely happy about things going well with me and N, so much so that I stopped talking about him. I used to tell her everything, but now I only say something if she asks. Most of the time, she talks endlessly about these guys that are clearly not good for her but she's convinced they love her. For example, her current "love" is a married man 12 years her senior who claims he's getting a divorce. He's in the military and recently had to leave town for training in another state. He texted her on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so that must mean he loves her. She thinks she loves him, too...yet she has this other guy on the side that she's been talking a lot about. I even asked her, if you love the one guy, why even bother with the other one? She definitely had a guilty expression and couldn't really answer me that. I just feel like she always tries to make her situations out to be better than whatever it is I've got going on. Oh, I've got a live-in boyfriend who loves me and says he's in this for the long haul? Well, she's got a married military man! Clearly, she is doing better in the love department than I. Sigh, we used to talk so much and be so involved in each other's lives and relationships, but I just can't relate to that stuff anymore, and frankly, I'm not that interested.

Sigh, I'm probably a horrible friend and girlfriend, and I'll end up all alone one day, like I've always been. Maybe rightfully so!

12:15 a.m. - Friday, Dec. 27, 2013


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