Black Sheep

Ok. Things are moving a little faster than I ever dreamed.

N is moving in with me. We've only been "official" for a month. He's not moving in because we decided that we're ready for the next step, no. He's moving in because his DOUCHEBAG roommate gave him a week's notice to move out. His roommate kicked him out not because of something he had done, nope. It was all because his roommate wanted to move his currently homeless friend in to help her out since she had no where else to go. His roommate didn't care that N now had NO WHERE to go because guess what, a week is NOT enough time to find a new place, HEARTLESS JERK.

Needless to say, now that I am the girlfriend, N called me up (at work) in a panic, needing to know YES or NO if he could stay with me. He was in such an agitated state of stress and panic that I said yes just to calm him down. However, as soon as we hung up, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that this was not a good idea...

Too bad N has already arranged to transfer his job here and is moving his stuff (what little he has) here tomorrow! Omg what is happening??? I even tried to back out, saying I'm not ready for the long-term thing, even though I felt really bad because I had initially said yes and he had already made all of these arrangements to move here. I thought he understood, but he texted me yesterday, saying that his grandparents are helping him move his stuff here from storage tomorrow. Ummm, WHY? I did tell him he can stay as long as he needs to find another place, so maybe that's what this is. He's just moving in temporarily because he already arranged to start this new job and everything. Once he gets money flowing in again, he can start looking for another roommate...right??

He keeps saying he would be most happiest and most comfortable with me...but I'm not ready for all of that. I mean, we literally just became a couple! I still enjoy having the whole bed to myself. Not to mention my mom is extremely disappointed in me and not supportive at all. In fact, she thinks N only became my boyfriend so he would have place to go. That's utter rubbish of course because we've had feelings for each other for a long time and we became official a few weeks before his roommate decided to kick him out. She thinks he's not good enough for me because I have a graduate degree and he dropped out of a technical college. Sure, I see that we don't necesarrily match up in the education department, but she's acting like he's a total loser. Ok, he may have a minimum wage job that isn't going to get him anywhere, but at least he was working full-time at that minimum wage job! That's more than I can say for my oldest sister (who turns 31 today, by the way), who currently works part time at a Yankee Candle Store in a mall. At 31!!!! By the way, she just spent TWO FREAKING YEARS sitting on her ass in my mom's house collecting unemployment. She got a job, got fired within 2 months, and collected unemployment for 2 years. She literally sat there in a bath robe every single day while the rest of us in the family dragged ourselves out to our jobs and to school. INFURIATING.

So, why isn't my mom all on my sister's case instead? N may not have much of a job, but at least he's not lazy and he works every single day, all day. He wouldn't feel right just sitting around doing nothing to contribute. Even if he was out of a job, he would have contributed in some way by cooking or cleaning. Did my sister do ANY of that while she lived with us? NO, she didn't lift a single, delicate finger. WTF.

Oh well. Even though I'm not ready for this and my mom highly disapproves, this is happening. I guess I'll be added to the Black Sheep list of the family.

9:23 p.m. - Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013


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