At Last

Ohh, how things change.

A week after I wrote my last entry, in which I wailed for the billionth, trillionth, gazillionth time that I'll never find a guy...well, one came into my life.

My family was throwing a big cookout at the lake for my cousin, who recently graduated from AIT in the US Army and is being deployed to Korea, so literally my whole family was there. My best friend's cousin happened to be visiting from California at the same time, so he came with her to the cookout. He is a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and for some reason, he immediately liked me. I didn't notice at all, honestly. I thought he liked my younger sister because she's in wayyy better shape than me and was wearing a red, body-hugging bathing suit. Plus, she loves military guys, so I thought I stood no chance and didn't even entertain the idea.

So there I was, clueless, frolicking in the lake and stuffing my face with cookout food. Later, I found out from everyone that they had immediately noticed him following me around. If I went to swim, so did he. If I went to eat more, so did he. Again, I didn't notice this at all until I later saw pictures from the cookout. Curiously, he was in the background right behind me or standing beside me in a lot of pictures. Hmmm...

Anyways, later that night, we all went back to my best friend's house, but she had her guy friend come over for, So, while they were busy, it was just me and her cousin left alone. We had a blast sitting at the kitchen table together, singing corny songs at the top of our lungs! And then, the fateful moment came when, pig that I am, I decided to make popcorn at 2 something in the morning. We sat there eating some popcorn, and before long, we were playfully throwing it at each other. Playful throwing turned into feeding each other single kernels of popcorn, careful to avoid each others' lips. Feeding each other turned into sucking each others' fingers after we had placed popcorn in each others' mouths. Then, he lunged at me across the table, sending our drinks to the floor, soaking it. He grabbed my face to kiss me, and boy was it intense.

Besides the physical, we also laid in bed talking for hours until the sun came up. He's also a great cuddler, and so sweet. He's a really great guy. A hopeless romantic Marine? How does this happen? We were together for 4 days before he had to go back to California. While en route back to CA, he actually texted me huge paragraphs about how he's never liked someone so much so quickly, and that he could definitely see himself dating me. He said he's just not sure how things will go or where he'll be in a year's time because he's getting out of the Marines next May. So, we agreed to take the next year to get to know each other even better, and if it's supposed to work out, it will. My best friend thinks her cousin is going to come back here to SC, and she's even gone so far to say he's going to marry me. And it's not just her saying that, either! Her whole family, his whole family, and my whole family think we would make a great couple. I think they're all jumping the gun, but I am excited. Are my depressingly sad and lonely days over? Maybe!

12:30 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 09, 2012


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