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Aaaaand almost another year has gone by. I'm not going to fool with making a list of New Year's resolutions this time around because I never achieve them, so why bother? The world is going to end in 2012 anyway. I don't really believe that, I'm just using it to support my argument.

Okay, maybe I'll make a few resolutions, but not about losing weight and working out every day so that I can have an A list body. That ain't gonna happen. I've started to accept the fact that I'm 5'2 and have "more to love". It's just the way I am, and some people actually like me this way. Not all guys want to be with a flesh bag of bones! I used to wish for nothing more than to be skinny, but the more I see all of these skinny Hollywood people, I think they just look sick. Some look like images I've seen of people starving in third world countries, but they just happen to be wearing designer gowns and diamonds. Makes no damn sense. What happened to the "real women have curves" thing? Hollywood needs to make a New Year's resolution to promote people of all shapes and sizes. If you're naturally thin, good for you, if you're not, that's cool, too. We're all beautiful just the way we are, so I wish we would stop fighting ourselves to try and fit the societal ideal of being extremely thin. Personally, I don't see how the extreme thin is at all "ideal"...who's deciding this stuff, anyway? They need to knock it off.

Anyways, now that I'm done with that rant, back to my resolutions:
1. I will be on time to where ever it is I'm going. When meeting friends, I tend to be a little slack in this department...I mean, is being 5-10 minutes late for grabbing dinner and drinks with a girlfriend really that big of a deal? Either way, it's rude to make people wait, so I'll just have to leave the house earlier.
2. I will *try* not to procrastinate. I'm in graduate school now, so sticking to this resolution would be a good idea.
3. When it comes to the male species, I will not worry. That means no more whining about being lonely, fearing I'll never have a boyfriend or get married, etc. I just need to SHUT UP on that topic, God!
4. I will not be so critical of others. This mainly applies to my mom and sister...I always tell them when they're doing something wrong (like I'm perfect, right?), and not always in the nicest way. My mom says I have a heart of gold, but I can be really mean sometimes! That needs to change.

Well, those are the main things I would like to work on in 2012. I think that's a doable list of resolutions...nothing too far out of reach to accomplish. They are small changes that will hopefully add up to big payoffs!

12:00 a.m. - Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011


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