My New Year's Resolutions, Version 2.011

1. I will try not to be so critical...I have the tendency to tell people everything they're doing wrong (particularly when it comes to driving...I swear, if I had not screamed, my mom would have rear-ended these people one time, but of course, I'm just being a silly back seat driver). It's amazing how you can know everything there is to know about how the world works at only 22 (rolls eyes). So yeah, I just need to keep my yap shut.

2. I will not get into fights with my sister over how much she texts or is on the computer, even if I do think it is ridiculous (and rude) to eat a plate of dinner while, at the same time, furiously texting or typing away on a Macbook. If she wants to spend her life always staring at a screen, then fine.

3. I will try to be more patient.

4. Lastly, I will try to be nicer to myself. Yes, I can be critical and demanding of others, but I am the worst to myself. I've seriously thought that I hate myself and that I like nothing about me. I am waaaaay too hard on myself. I need to give myself a break, for pete's sake.

12:43 a.m. - Sunday, Jan. 02, 2011


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