Pack and Ship

Whyyy did I decide to work at a pack-and-ship place when I started looking for a part-time job 3 years ago?? Truthfully, it's a great job. The hours are great for being a student, and I like the people I work with and work for. We just had our work Christmas party today, in fact. We had a pool championship at a sports bar, and because everyone kept scratching the games, my partner and I won the whole thing and got free movie tickets! We didn't win by any skills of our own, let me tell you. We went up against people who actually are good at playing pool, but for some reason, they kept giving us the games by sinking the 8 ball when they weren't supposed to. Listen to me, I sound like I know how to play pool!

Anyways, it's a great job, but it is HARD during the holidays, as you can imagine. People bringing piles and piles of presents for us to box up and ship out. Lines to the door. Both phone lines ringing off the hook. Packing peanuts EVERYWHERE.

Ughhh, tomorrow is going to be exhausting. I work 9-6, which is a long day by itself, but then add standing up literally the entire time and going non-stop. Booooo!

9:44 p.m. - Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010


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