Guess whose eggo is preggo?

No, it is not my eggo that's preggo. It's my best friend's! I was so surprised (yet excited) to find out the news. I was just in her wedding as the Maid of Honor in August, and I was actually the one who made her marriage to her husband official (I'm a Notary Public). Of course, when two people get married, there is always the possibility of babies, but my friend had told me (when I grilled after the wedding about when she was going to have a baby) that babies were years in the future, and that her and her husband had to become financially stable first. She said she was emotionally ready, though.

Babies have a habit of showing up when least expected, as with this one. She's thrilled, of course, but she says it hasn't quite sunk in yet. I mean, she just turned 21, which is super young. At least she's married. You know, a lot of girls I went to high school with are either married with babies, have had babies, or are currently pregnant. While there is no way I am even close to having a baby right now (uhhh, no boyfriend to propose to me so I can have a husband to make babies with...no real job yet because I am still a student, etc), I am kind of jealous of all of these girls who are having their babies young. By the time their kids are grown, they won't be old and worn out. My mom had me when she was 36, and my sister when she was 39, so we are in our early twenties and she is in her late 50s, almost 60. I just don't want to be that old when my kids are barely grown.

I guess I shouldn't worry because the way things have been going, it doesn't look like I'll ever have kids. I've lamely never had a boyfriend, even though I'm 22. Sad and pathetic, I know.

11:28 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 03, 2010


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