another day fatter and deeper in debt

Dang it. The Thanksgiving holiday is over and I didn't get a lick of school work done. Not that I actually tried to do any of it. Oh well! Only one week of school left, then finals, and then DONE! And then you know what that means? That means I only have ONE, yes, ONE semester of college left before I will have a 4 year degree!

Too bad it's practically not marketable. I'll have to take myself and my little 4 year degree to graduate school if I want to have any hope of getting a real job. Well, at least I already know what grad school and program I want to go into. I've got a plan. That's more than some people have when they graduate from college.

Man, all I did over the Thanksgiving break was eat a lot (mmm, pumpkin pie) and buy expensive stuff (ooo, Sony Blu-ray that can stream Netflix and a Nikon s8100 camera? Yes, please!). So, now I'm fat(er) and even deeper in debt. I was running consistently after work over the summer, but now it's pitch dark when I come home, so I can't go running around in the neighborhood in fear of getting shanked. That means I'll have to make myself go to the gym, but for some reason, I don't know, I just never want to go. I used to be in the mood to run all the time, but I guess the dark just makes me want to go home and hibernate in my pjs on the couch. Yes, it's the dark's fault that I can't make it to the gym. As for my debt, it's under $500, so not too bad. It still hurts that I only have $13 in my bank account, though. I'll be getting a lot of hours at work in December, though, so I can rake in the money and pay stuff off.

Well, I better get some sleep if I want to have any chance of being able to pay attention in class tomorrow.

12:50 a.m. - Monday, Nov. 29, 2010


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