Dirty Cop.

Wellll, today has been just great. I was up super late studying for a written final (no multiple choice, booo) that took two hours to complete, and then, on the way home, I got pulled over on the interstate!

I'm usually driving the new car we just got (2010 Hyundai Elantra), but my sister just had to back into the side of a building and bust out a taillight, so it was in the shop (where they conveniently found a nail in the tire). Instead, I was driving a '98 Chevy Cavalier. I've never been pulled over before, so I was freaking out! First of all, I was going 60 in the slow lane in a 55 when I saw the cop on the side of the road. I even thought to myself, "good thing you've got the old car that can't go fast and you're going slow!". So, I cruised on by the cop and I noticed in my rearview mirror that he had merged into traffic. I was like, okay, whatever. Then, I saw him going around people in my rearview mirror, and I was like, what is he doing? At least he's not after me since I wasn't speeding (that much)! Then he got behind me and turned on all of his lights and siren!! I was pretty much hyperventilating. When I finally got pulled over, my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. When the officer came to the window, he asked me what the speed limit is and I said 60. He was like, "no, it's 55 and you were going 73". I was like, WHAT??? Are you kidding me? I may have been speeding, but 60 is a far cry from 73! Plus, that car is almost 12 years old, and it shakes really bad and whines if you go 70 or above. I was just dumbfounded! I told him, "sir, I know I was not going 73, I was going 60". He just took my license and went back to his car to run it. When he came back, he had an $82 ticket for me (how nice of him) and he told me that he had reduced my reported speed to 64 in a 55 and he reduced the points on my license from 4 to 2. It was my first offense EVER, and I don't even get a warning! I shouldn't even have been pulled over in the first place because I WAS NOT, repeat, WAS NOT going 73 mph, I don't care what his speed radar said. He either obviously pulled over the wrong car, his speed thing is wrong, or my speedometer is broken. My speedometer can't be broken, though, because I would have been flying past the other cars, and I wasn't. I WAS IN THE SLOW LANE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

It really is true. Life is just unfair.

8:12 p.m. - Monday, Dec. 07, 2009


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