Some Bad (Good) News

I am selfish. My little sister has just informed me that her wonderful new boyfriend that she has been spending so much time with has given her some bad news--he has bipolar disorder. I am selfish because when I heard this news, I couldn't help but be slightly happy that there is something wrong with this man that has taken over my little sister. I couldn't help but hope that maybe this news would bring about an end to their brief whirlwind relationship.

Then again, something doesn't quite add up. He tells her he has bipolar disorder, yet somehow he has been in the army for five years. The army definitely does not accept people with bipolar disorder, or anyone who has to be on medication of any kind. He also said his dad suffers from bipolar disorder, too--yet his dad has been in the military for decades and is highly distinguished and is currently serving in Afganistan. How do two people hide their disorders from the army for so long? Is it, perhaps, that there are no disorders? Could this guy be feeding my little sister a lie, hoping that she'll get scared and break it off with him? He said he dated a girl for a week, and she broke up with him when he told her about his disorder. Is that what he's hoping she'll do? I'm pretty good at reading people, but since I wasn't there, I don't know which story is true. Either way, it's not good. He either has bipolar disorder, or he's lying.

While I am sort of sad (okay, not really) that my sister is disappointed that the relationship will be ending because she was having so much fun with the guy, I'll be glad when it's over so things can go back to normal. Besides, my sister just seems too young to be dating a 23 year old anyway. I am so selfish that I am glad that my sister is breaking up with her boyfriend, just so I can have her back to myself again. I hated her always being gone late into the night all weekend. What's wrong with me that I don't want my sister to have fun? I love her more than anything, so why did her having fun bother me so much? Is it because she was having fun with someone else other than me? I really need to get over myself.

12:33 a.m. - Monday, Jun. 01, 2009


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