Weekend Adventures!

So, Friday was a pretty frustrating day. I've been trying to register online for a Lit class for a week now, but the computer won't let me because it thinks I haven't had the prerequisites, ENG 101 and 102. I took AP English classes in high school so I wouldn't have to take those classes in college. I switched colleges (from the big university to the community college) at the last minute to save money, and I had not sent my AP scores to the community college because I didn't know I was going there until after I had taken the tests. So, last Monday, I got a sealed copy of my AP scores from my high school to the college to prove to them that I had indeed taken those AP classes, hoping they would take the restriction off of me and let me register for my Lit class. Wrong. Just to be difficult, they would only accept the AP scores sent directly from the College Board, even though it would say the SAME EXACT THING the report from my high school said. So, my mom paid $40 to put a rush on getting my scores sent from the College Board to this community college. Of course, the CB put my scores in the first class mail, meaning it didn't arrive until Friday. My mom and I went down there on Friday and told them that the CB had sent my scores out and that they should be there. Of course, my scores had not yet arrived and they STILL wouldn't let me register for that freaking class. Here I am, trying to give them money, trying to learn, and they are being ridiculous. Of course, when I got home, I had received my copy of the scores in the mail. I wanted to scream! I was actually surprised at how easily frustrated I was on Friday...things just weren't going right so I just kept getting angry.

Anyways, on to Saturday's adventure. My older sister is moving in with my mom's bff, and my mom found a mattress and boxsprings for her at a moving sale. My mom's bff and her daughter got her ex-husband's truck so we could haul the mattress and the boxsprings to their house. I say the word truck and you're probably thinking, "oh, it must have been easy to transport the mattress and boxsprings with a truck." No. This truck was dinky, with a teeny bed in the back, made even smaller by one of those built in tool boxes. We managed to get both the mattress and the box springs crammed in there and tied down with rope, and so off we went, heading to the next town over where my mom's bff lives. It usually takes 30 minutes to get from our house to their house, but going 25 mph with the mattress and the boxsprings, it took over an hour. Oh yeah, not to mention the delay that occurred when the rope slipped loose and the boxsprings flew out into the road. Luckily, it didn't fall into the other lane, and even though I was following them, I hadn't been following too closely and was able to stop before the boxsprings hit the car. Of course, cops happened to be going by at the time, so they and had their lights flashing. At first, they thought we had hit the truck, causing the boxsprings to fall out, but we explained to them that we all knew each other and we were following them home when the boxsprings happened to fall out. We managed to get everything tied back into place and to the house without any further mishaps (and without a ticket from the cops). Then, of course, we kids had to haul everything up the steep driveway and into the house. As a reward, we got to go see The Dark Knight, which was really good. :D

12:54 a.m. - Monday, Jul. 28, 2008


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