And Miles to go Before I Sleep.

I have a tissue crammed up my nose because it won't. stop. running. I also keep sneezing, and not those nice little sneezes, either. These are those powerful trying-to-blow-a-disease-causing-pathogen-out-of-the-system sneezes. My eyes also are in the habit of watering so much that it looks like I'm crying. I was watching Finding Nemo today, and if you didn't know I'm sick, you seriously would have thought I was tearing up at poor little Nemo getting separated from his dad.

Anyways, my little sister met this Chinese girl in 8th grade. The girl had just come over from China and couldn't speak a lick of English. My sister, being the amazing person that she is, stuck with her and helped her learn, and they became great friends. Unfortunately, the girl moved 3 1/2 hours away to a different state. Even though they live far away from each other, they've still managed to maintain their friendship. This girl has been dying for my sister to come and visit her and today it finally happened. My sister is out on summer break, so my mom and I drove her down there to spend a week with her. It was so cute when we finally got there because they hadn't seen each other in 4 YEARS. Awww! Since my mom and I weren't staying, we got to drive all the way back home, for a total trip of 405 miles. In one day. Exhausting! My mom drove us down there and I was going to drive back, but my eyes were tearing up and I was sneezing every 5 seconds, so it would have been dangerous to put me behind the wheel. Sooo, my little sick self got to nap on the way home. Zzzzz.

10:21 p.m. - Sunday, Jun. 08, 2008


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