Frequency Distributions & Bulls

I took a Statistics quiz today. When my teacher first passed the quizzes out, I sort of panicked because I noticed that the quiz was two stapled pages. My brain + 2 stapled pages of math = not so good. Luckily, we only had to answer 10 questions out of those two stapled pages. I think I did pretty well. Today's lecture, however, was soooo confusing! What the heck is a frequency distribution???

Anyways, after math I went home and ate my Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch and watched World's Most Amazing Videos on Spike tv. I saw this one video that really made me laugh. There was a bull in a ring and some dumb guy in the bleachers thought it would be cool to jump into the arena with the angry bull and run past it wearing a red shirt. Of course, the bull was provoked and speared the guy with his horns and trampled him a few times, and at one point, the guy's pants got hooked on the bull's horns so he was getting thrashed around until his pants AND underwear were pulled completely off! He had to limp out of the arena pulling his red shirt down to cover his goods. I bet he didn't feel too smart after that! It was really funny because at the end it showed the mad bull running around the ring with the guy's tattered underwear still caught in his horns. Hahaha!

10:52 p.m. - Tuesday, May. 27, 2008


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