Bad Timing

Sooo, tonight was the 2 hour finale of American Idol season 7. I had the TV record it so I could fast forward through the commercials.

So, there I was, just sitting there watching the entire show, waiting for the big reveal of the next American Idol. I was so excited! I like both Davids so I couldn't wait to see who won. Finally, the moment came. Ryan announced, "and the next American Idol is...David-", and then the recording STOPPED.

Yes, the recording stopped because my tv did what it was told to do. It recorded American Idol in the time slot from 8 PM - 10 PM. Of course, this being the American Idol finale, THEY WENT PAST 10 PM. Sooo, I missed the VERY VERY VERY end of the finale. I didn't know who won until I got on the internet and the yahoo main page told me! HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT? What's really sick is that I had jokingly said to my sister before we watched it was, "wouldn't it be horrible if the recording cut off right before Ryan announced the winner?". If I had been smart, I would have taped the show right after American Idol just in case the show ran over (which it often does on a FINALE-duh, stupid me!). GRRR!

There aren't even videos of the finale on youtube yet! All I know is that David Cook won. I didn't get to see any reactions or anything. :( Well, I really liked both Davids but I I was sort of leaning towards Archuleta to win, but now that Cook has won, I see that he really does deserve it. :D


11:28 p.m. - Wednesday, May. 21, 2008


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