Hello! Time to get some stuff off my chest:

Okay, so my life has not been perfect by any means. I lost my dad, a very good neighbor, and my grandmother all within three years when I was little. Along with that, there was a ton of other family related drama. Despite all that I've experienced, why does it seem like I'm the happiest person I know? My little sister is a great example. Even though she experienced all of the death and family drama right along with me, she has everything going for her now. She's extremely smart, pretty, hardworking, kind, generous, and a million other good qualities. Yet, I constantly have to hear her talk about not feeling smart enough in her classes (even though she's in the top 5% of her ENTIRE 600 people junior class) and not being physically perfect. I know she knows no one is perfect but she has this fixation on her "loose skin". When she was younger, she was cute and fluffy but she lost all that weight running around playing football with the neighbors. For a while she kind of went too far in the opposite direction of being fluffy, so ever since, weight and food have been an issure for her. She struggles with it and I know she doesn't want to have to deal with it, but it's there. What's so ridiculous about all this is that she looks AMAZING. She is so little and fit (she goes to the gym every single day, without fail) and healthy, yet if she eats a brownie, she will talk about how "fat" she feels. She also has this HUGE inferiority complex where she's constantly thinking she's not good enough. She's comparing herself to these dumb kids in her classes, and I'm just like, WHY?? They are soooo NOT all that, but apparently she thinks they are better than she is (which they aren't).

I am a perfectly happy person despite a life of loss and other crazy nutso stuff. If I can be happy, then everyone else can too. Everyone just needs to stop being so negative and down in the dumps. Come on, that's no fun! :D

10:49 p.m. - Thursday, May. 15, 2008


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