YES, my little sister got HER OWN computer! Now she won't be barging into my room demanding to use the computer. UGH, I hated it when she did that because if she needed to use the computer for school, I couldn't tell her no, go away! I mean, I did tell her "no, go away!", but she would yell to mom that I wasn't letting her use the computer for her schoolwork. Then, of course, my mom would yell to let my sister use the computer.

And my sister would "need" to use the computer at the most inopportune moments! I would be sitting there, really enjoying my alone time, and she would barge in and ruin it! And I couldn't just sit on my bed and read a book while she did her work because her presence was annoying, so I would just leave.


The only down side to her having a computer is that hers is better than mine. :( I'll admit, I get all of the cool gadgets, and she gets all of my old stuff. Like, I had this boom box for the longest time until I finally asked for a Sony stereo system for Christmas, which I got. So my sister got the boombox while I had this new, great stereo system. The boombox broke not too long after that, too. And I, of course, have always had the computer in my room. Even though it's the family computer, I've always thought of it as mine, which is why I felt like I could demand my sister to get off of it and go do something else. I also got a cute little cell phone, too, while my sister didn't get one. Well, it's not like she needed one anyway because she wasn't at the "cell phone age". Plus she never goes anywhere to need one. Believe it or not, my mom, my sister, and I are really close and are together most of the time. Heck, I don't really need a cell phone! I use it most of the time as a way for my mom's best friend to get in contact with us because we are always hanging out with her. Anyways, my mom's best friend's daughter gave my little sister her old cell phone (which sucks because the case is cracked and beat up), but at least she has one now. Maybe that'll be her next gadget she'll get.

So she's caught up with me, technology-wise. Since the boombox broke, my mom and I got her this really cool stereo system for Christmas that has a diamond shaped loading dock with these really cool clear doors that open up to the cd player. Yeah, it's pretty cool. So she has that, and now the new computer that came with a photo printer/scanner, which is way better than the dumb printer and scanner that I have. My computer is dumb because the USB port on the front of it doesn't work anymore, so whenever I want to print something, I have to get down on the floor under my computer desk and unplug the USB internet cable from the back of my computer and plug in the printer cable, let the stuff print, and then switch the printer and internet cables back. Yes, what a pain! So, now my sister has all the cool new stuff.

You know, I'm kind of glad she's the one with all the new cool stuff now. I feel kinda bad for always having all the neat technology stuff, and she had leftovers or nothing at all. I'm glad she's finally got her own brand new stuff that's better than mine for once! Plus like I said, she doesn't have to come into my room anymore, muahaha!

1:02 a.m. - October 23, 2006


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