Hablas espanol?

Hmmm...I want to start updating this thing more. I can't believe I've had this diary since 2003! :)

I was in a wedding this past weekend. The girl who got married is one of my lifelong friends (my mom's best friend's daughter). My friend is Hispanic (her dad is from El Salvador), and so a lot of her dad's side of the family was there from California. Throughout the reception, I kept noticing this one spanish guy looking at me. I knew something was up, because he exceeded the legal looking limit.

So, I was just sitting there at a table with my mom and my sisters, when my friend's dad (the one from El Salvador) came over with the guy who had been looking at me, and he was like, "my brother wants to know if you would like to dance with him". I was like-wow, I knew the guy had been looking at me, but I never expected him to ask me to dance! I said sure, so we went to the dance floor. He held my hands and we started dancing, and he told me he had been wanting to ask me to dance, but he had been too shy! Then he told me I'm beautiful! Now see, this is a big deal for me because I never get reactions like this from guys, ok? So yeah, that was my spanish encounter!

Speaking of spanish, I've been thinking about majoring in it in college. See, I'm not good at math, so that rules out most jobs that make the big $$. I'm not bad at at math-I've made A's in math every year of high school (well, last year I got a 92-only ONE point away!), but it's just never been my strong point or a subject that I like. Strolling down memory lane for a second, I remember when I was going into the 6th grade (OoOo, transitioning from elementary school!), I had to be on some kind of academic assistance type plan for my math! That basically explains my history with math. I've never liked it, and I've never been particularly good at it, though some part of my brain must have kicked in during high school because I've gotten good grades in math all four years (that is if I continue doing well this year). What was my point? Oh yeah-so anyway, I've always been really strong on the language arts side of things, though I suck majorly at art. Anyways, I've been really worried about what I'm going to major in in college because there's nothing that I like to do. Seriously. I can't do the whole doctor/nurse thing because I hate math and Chemistry, plus that's just not something I'm interested in. Lucky for me, the only thing I'm good at (the liberal arts) is stuff that won't make much money.

Now I know, "money can't buy you happiness", but you try being happy without money. My family is in no way rich and we are in no way poor-we're "comfortable", though things do get tight towards the end of the month until my mom's next paycheck comes in. We pretty much do live from paycheck to paycheck.

See, my dad passed away when I was 8, so it's just my mom and my sister here in the house. My mom is a learning disabilities teacher (one of the toughest job in the wooorllld), and we all know teachers don't get paid enough. Not only that, but my mom will have taught for 30 years this December, but she can't retire because you have to have taught 28 years in the same state, and my mom taught for 6 years in another state before moving here. That stupid rule sucks because now my mom is going to have to continue working. And since my sister and I want to go to college, she says she pretty much will be working forever, until I get a job and start paying for stuff.

BUT SEE, THAT'S THE THING. I'm afraid I won't get a job that pays well, so I can help my mom out or support myself on it. You know, if I ever do get married and have kids and something happens, like a divorce or my husband dies, I've got to be able to support myself and kids on my salary, and I don't have the skills to get the jobs that pay well. So back to what I was saying, I've been really worried about my major and what I'm going to do.

So I thought about it. And I had an idea. I thought, maybe I should do something with foreign languages. That is something I am really good at. I'm taking Spanish and Latin in school right now, and they are my best subjects. A lot of people have commented on my talent for foreign languages. So first I thought I would major in Latin. Then I thought, well, the only thing you could do with Latin is teach it. As we know, my mom is a teacher and I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to be a teacher. I'm sorry, but no. I would rather be shot in the face, stoned to death, whatever. If you have parents that are teachers, maybe you would understand. So then I thought-hey, I'll major in Spanish! Spanish is a modern-day language (unlike Latin), and is being increasingly spoken in the U.S. Plus, I've always been obsessed with Spanish-almost all of the music that I listen to is bilingual. Examples: Christina Aguilera, Frankie J, Shakira, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Ricky Maritn...etc. I just have tons of cds that have different languages on them. Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban both also sing in Italian on their cds...Josh even has some French. I just love different languages, and I'm always dying to know what people are saying when I hear people speaking a different language at the store or wherever. Also, my mom's best friend (whose daughter just got married) speaks Spanish. She is not ethnic at all either, she actually learned Spanish from her ex-husband, who is from El Salvador, like I've said. And my mom's friend teaches ESOL (English as a Second Language) since she's bilingual. I'm very close to my mom's best friend- she's pretty much a second mother to me. I've always been fascinated whenever she speaks Spanish to the waiters at Monterrey's, her students, or just whenever we happen to be around Spanish-speaking people. She always talks to them because she is such an outgoing friendly person, and they just looove the fact that she can speak Spanish, despite being white.

So yeah, I'm seriously considering majoring in Spanish. But what job could I get in that (besides teaching)? My mom said that I could major in Spanish and Psychology and be a bilingual school psychologist. Any bilingual positions in the school system are in high demand because no one can speak Spanish! The ESOL teacher at my mom's school doesn't speak Spanish at all! Now how are those kids supposed to learn anything when they can't even communicate with their teacher? They can't! So anyway, my mom said I could do contracting work by testing Spanish students, and I could charge $400 a test. I would get a teacher's salary (which sucks), but with the contracting work, I would make more than my whole entire teacher's salary, bumping my salary up to around $80,000. You could live quite nicely on $80,000 a year.

I don't know, we'll see...:)

11:47 p.m. - October 04, 2006


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