Just great. Not.

Oh. My. God.

I just found out that the guy I went to prom with is a registered sex offender. Yep. No lie.

I never liked this guy in the first place, but I got sucked into going to some Christmas party with him last year, but it turned out that the Christmas party was at some bar. So my mom and his mom got to yacking on the phone, and they arranged a date instead. I didn't even like this guy! So, I had to go. I drove, and we went to dinner and a movie. I've already said all this before, about how he talked during the whole movie and wouldn't shut up, and how I really didn't have a good time with him.

Then after that, I went to a military ball with him in February, which I had originally turned him down on! But when I told my mom about how I turned him down, she was like, "oh, that ruined my day!". (AKA, she felt sorry for this guy). So then I felt bad, so I agreed to go with him.

I did have fun at the military ball, but I didn't like how he was getting too "serious" about me, if you know what I mean. By the way, he had told me at New Year's that he loved me...riiight, we didn't even really know each other (and still don't).

So, then he asked me to prom, and I figured no one else would ask me to prom (one guy I really actually liked did ask me-too bad he asked me a week before prom & this dude had asked me back in Feb.), so I agreed to go with him.

I didn't have fun with him that night, because the whole time I was just trying to avoid slow dancing with him and stuff. I'm sorry, but I just really never liked this guy, but I went out with him because my mom felt sorry for him. She would be like, "aww, don't hurt his poor feelings". Sure. His feelings.

At school, I would try to avoid him and stuff, because I just never really liked him, not as a friend, even. AND THEN I FOUND OUT HE'S A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER!

The other morning before school, I was sitting with my friend in the cafeteria before the bell rang, and here comes this guy to talk to me. He mumbled some stuff (I never know exactly what it is he's talking about), and then he turned around to talk to some of his friends in front of us. Then my friend was like, "I was with my mom this weekend, and I saw this magazine of sex offenders in SC, and he was in it". At first, I was like, "yeahh, riiight", cause my friend is a joker, you know? I mean, I thought this guy was weird and all, and something wasn't quite right, but I still thought he was a nice guy. Guess not. Then she was like, "I'm dead serious, you can call my mom and ask her". Then I was like-oh my god!

Then when I was at lunch later that day, another one of my friends said she saw it, too. She was like, "the first thing I thought was, oh no, Ashley!". Yeah, I'm Ashley.

Today I finally got an actual copy of that magazine thing, and yep, there's his picture in it. He was convicted of "assault/intent to committ criminal sex-1st degree". And I've gone to 2 dances with this guy, to dinner and a movie, and even out to eat with his family and to his house for his birthday. I've even been in his house alone with him before! He's told me before that he's pulled a knife on someone, and I should have known right there this isn't the kind of guy I want to be hanging out with (not that I even wanted to be around him in the first place!!) UGH, I never ever wanted to be this guy's friend, be he started liking me or whatever, and wouldn't go away. My mom felt sorry for him, so I had to go out with him. HA, she's not pushing me to do that anymore. In fact, she was like, "I just might call his parents and let them have a piece of my mind".

I knew this guy wasn't right. That very first time I had to go out with him to dinner and a movie, I was like...something's not right. First of all, we are on different intelligence levels. He has ADD and ADHD (no offense to people who have it), and when he was a baby, the doctor gave him too much medicine and pretty much messed him up, which is why most people think he's weird. I thought, well, maybe he just has bad social skills, and I felt sorry for him. My mom especially felt sorry for him because she teaches Learning Disabilities (kids with ADD/ADHD, OC, etc.), so that's her line of work.

Now though, I don't want him to be anywhere near me. And I can't believe him and his family didn't bother to tell me about this, and here I am, going to prom with him, and over at their house eating cake and ice cream for his birthday!!! I can't believe that. No. No way. NO sir.

6:38 p.m. - August 23, 2006


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