OMG, so school has officially started. UGH. Summer is gone! :(

The only good thing about school starting again, is that I'M A SENIOR. On the first day of school, I pulled into my *senior* parking spot, which is very close to the school, unlike last year, where I was eons away. There was a hall decorated just for seniors. There were red streamers everywhere, and signs saying SENIORS and CLASS OF 2007. I was like, omg-that's ME!!! You know, there's always been those students who were older, who were the "seniors". You know, I would see them in the halls and just feel that they were so much older than me and stuff. Now I'M in that spot, and other kids probably feel like that about me. I'm at the top notch, woo!

My classes are alright, I guess. I've only been to them once, so I can't really judge yet.

Anatomy seems like a lot of fun! OMG, my teacher said that he will be taking us to the medical university, and we will be working with CADAVERS. AHHH! Ok, I couldn't dissect the frog in 7th grade, nor the fetal pig in 10th, so how am I going to cut on a dead, preserved human?? I'M NOT, that's what. Luckily, my friend who loves doing all that freaky cutting stuff is in my class, so she can be my guest and cut away. I mean, I want to see the dead bodies, but then I don't. I'm weird like that. I'm like that with scary movies, too. I want to see the scary stuff, but then I hate myself for seeing it afterwards because I get so freaked out by it! Like, I seriously get bothered by scary movies. Especially movies with dead decaying bodies coming after people (aka, The Ring, The Grudge). I've seen them both, and I was seriously disturbed by them. Sometimes I still get scared about the Ring girl. I just think about it and freak myself out.

I've never been around a dead body, except for when my grandma passed away from stomach cancer in her home (we all knew she was going to die, she didn't just drop dead), and her body was there for a little bit until the coroner or whatever came and got it. I also saw her body at the funeral, and I just couldn't get over how she was dead-like there was her body not moving or anything. Other than that, no dead bodies for me. No dead animals either. Well, we did have this black persian cat that died, and I picked him up when he was dead! I was little, like in elementary school. His name was Inky, and he had gotten sick, but we had taken him to the vet and he stayed there overnight. The next day we took him home because the vet said he was okay, but that day he died. I came in the door and he was lying on the floor, and I was like, "Inky!" and picked him up. I realized he was hard, and I put him down and went into the other room. My sister and I cried our heads off over that cat. :( Ahhh, I don't know how I'm going to do with the cadavers...ehh.

Well, other than that, school is school. The newness has already worn off and I'm sick of it and don't want to go back. Well, maybe it's not that bad. The getting up early thing, though-that I am already sick and tired of.

Well, my guts hurt, so I'm going to bed. :)

1:26 a.m. - August 20, 2006


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