Spring Break Is Over!

NOOOO! Spring break is over and I have to go to S C H O O L tomorrow! I think I would rather be shot in the face than go to school tomorrow! :(

On Saturday, my mom, my little sister, and I went out of town to visit the family and we actually just got back. It was fun pretty much. My aunt and my cousin are SO FUNNY! I seriously laughed so hard while I was up there. Both of them are like my dad, which is why I love spending time with them since my dad passed away when I was 8. So, I kind of get a sense of what he was like by being around them. I mean, I know what my dad was like because I've been told a million times that I look and act just like him and I've heard stories too, but it's different when you're around people who act like him rather than hearing stories and stuff about what he was like. :)

UGH, as much as I HATE to say it, I guess I better go to bed since I have to (I can't believe I'm saying this) get up early in the morning! Well, at least there's only 20 some odd days left! I'll just try to make it through one day at a time. I have something to look forward to at least, my friend that I've known forever's 18th birthday is on Tuesday and we're all going over to her house to be with her, her mom, and her grandma to celebrate. Well, gots ta hit the hay! Nite!

10:38 p.m. - April 16, 2006


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