School SUCKS!

I am so bummed out. For some reason, I am really not looking forward to going to school tomorrow. I mean, I'm never happy that my weekend has come to a close and I've got to get up and go to school, but this is different. I'm like, seriously hating it right now! Maybe that's why I'm on here instead of in the bed because I know that once I fall asleep, before I know it that stupid alarm clock will be yelling at me to get up out of my warm cozy bed. :(

What's the big deal with pot? This senior girl in my Latin class was asking everyone in the class if they had ever smoked pot, and when most people told her they haven't, she couldn't believe it. She was like "no one in here has EVER smoked pot?", like that was a bad thing or something. Her and her friend, who is a junior like me, were both talking about how they have gotten high. That senior girl was basically talking to the class at large, and she was like, "pot isn't bad for you or anything! I still can't believe no one in here has smoked pot!". Then the senior girl and her friend were talking about medical weed and how one puff sends you flying. I was just like, what is WRONG with you people? Why does it seem like all the people in my school are potheads? There is no way I would ever try any of that stuff. It bothers me that all these people act like it's no big deal, it's just pot. Well they can smoke it all they want, but I'm staying out of it. I'm not hurting my brain!

Man, I'm just sitting here trying to come up with more to talk about because I don't want to go to bed and then have to wake up for school...I'm just really stressed because I've got projects due (that I haven't even started) and tests (when I haven't even read all of the material I was supposed to). Dang, I have a U.S. history test on Wednesday on chapters 22-24, and my teacher hasn't taught us one single thing on any of these chapters. She makes us read the book on our own and we have quizzes on the reading. During class, I'm not exactly sure what it is she does. I mean she's talking-but not really about what we're reading. I mean, some stuff relates, but it's not like she's making us take notes and lecturing like she should be. She just sits in a chair in the front of the class and talks about-I don't know...stuff. It's pretty bad when you're not even sure what your teacher is talking about! On Thursday I've got a test in language on Huckleberry Finn and I haven't finished reading that either. I just don't have time to ever get everything FINISHED. Everything has been started, but I can't find the time to finish it. I mean, I could MAKE time on the weekends, but I am the biggest slacker on weekends. I seriously don't do anything school related over the weekends until like, 11:00 on Sunday night after Grey's Anatomy. I know, I'm terrible! Well...I guess I've got to go to bed now and get my sleep. I've had a cold for a few days now, and staying up late trying to squeeze every last bit of time off from school as I can will not help me get better. Summer is 3 months away. I can make it...

12:21 a.m. - February 27, 2006


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