Ok, so the military ball was this past Saturday, and it was awesome! I had so much fun! The guy I went with came over a little early so my mom could take a gazillion pictures! Man, there's one picture of me that actually looks pretty! It's seriously the best picture I've ever taken. The guy I went with bought me a corsage and everything! So, we went to the Officer's Club at the air force base near here, and we danced ALL NIGHT! I seriously didn't think I would dance at all...number one, I don't know HOW to dance! Well, if I'm taught a routine I can do it, I mean, I did that for 6 years at a dance studio when I was younger. But I can't do all that free style stuff and look cool. Even though I looked like an idiot (and no offense-the guy I went with can't dance AT ALL) I still had so much fun!

Okay, the guy I went with is my friend, but he thinks we're more than that. He told me he loved me on New Years (I was completely shocked and blown away! I had NO IDEA he was going to say something like that!!!), and while we were at the military ball he reminded me of it. He was like, "what I said on New Years was true you know". I feel mean about it now, but I asked him how that's even possible when we don't even known each other than well. I mean, we've never ever had classes together and I never see him at school. He just kind of shook his head and shrugged.

Don't get me wrong, this guy is so sweet. He has the most manners of any boy I've ever met. Every single time we went to sit down at the military ball he pulled my chair out for me. He also helped me hobble around on my high heels when we were entering and leaving (all the girls took off their shoes to dance-really, who can dance in those kind of shoes and a formal dress? Uh, NOBODY!!!) and he helped me with my coat and stuff. I do think of him as a friend, but I have to say, when we were slow dancing (there was no way I could of gotten out of it-not that I exactly wanted to...) it was kinda fun. He's a foot taller than me, so my head was like right there at his chest. When we were slow dancing, we had already been dancing most of the night so I was tired. His chest was right there, so I kind of leaned on it to rest, and I must say I was quite comfortable. He was nice and warm and I'm not sure if I'm remembering right, but I think he smelled good. But see, I don't know if I'm maybe sorta liking him only because he liked me first. You know? Like you know how if you find out someone likes you, you kinda start liking them back just because you know they like you? Yeah. Before all this, I never even thought of him as a potential boyfriend or anything like that. Well...I didn't think of any boy being my boyfriend because boys NEVER like me-which is why this is such a new experience! I mean, this guy says he LOVES me!

Everyone loved my dress at the military ball, and yeah it was way pretty. Sometime during the night, the guy I went with said something like, "a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl". I'm telling you, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR because you seriously might get it! I've yearned to have a guy say he loves me and that he thinks I'm beautiful! Of course it didn't happen right when I wished for it, but look at what's going on right now! I never thought this would be happening to me! I don't know, guys just don't like me in the "girlfriend" way. I'm just the fluffy nice shy girl in their classes. Huh. I'll admit, I do like having someone feel about me that way...it's rather neato! *sigh*

10:50 p.m. - February 21, 2006


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