I bought myself a ceramic hair straightener today! Now, I know this thing works on my crazy hair because last weekend when I spent the night with my friend, she used her ceramic straightener on my hair and it took only 10 minutes and all of my hair was stick straight! I couldn't believe it! You probably think I'm stupid for making a big deal over hair (yeah, it does sound dumb), but my hair has always been curly and NOTHING will straighten it! My old straightening iron would like, make it straight I guess, but it would be really fluffy, puffy, and dry looking. Not pretty, I might add! But THIS THING has 25 heat settings and a TURBO setting (for meee!) and the transformation of my hair after using it is ridiculous! Just ridiculous!

Oh my gosh, WHY IS HAND SOAP SO DRYING?!?! Must have lotion!!!

OH YEAH. The assistant principal called me to her office today during first block, and I was so scared! At first I thought it might be something to do with BETA Club because she is the BETA Club director. I thought she was going to fuss at me for not coming to the last two meetings or not paying dues or something like that. But when I got down there she was like, "Your fourth block teacher marked you absent on Monday, the 7th. What happened?". Now this particular administrator isn't known for being the nicest person in the world, so I was so scared! I knew she thought I had skipped, but I had actually been there in class. See, my teacher had gone off to Costa Rica, so we had a sub and the sub got my name wrong. He called my name on the roll, and I raised my hand and he saw me, but then at the end of the roll he called out someone named Shelly with the same last name. I was like, well, that's not me, so I didn't raise my hand. So, it was all the sub's fault. :) Silly subsitutes!

11:39 p.m. - November 11, 2005


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