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Man, I just looked on Intouch and I made a 73 on the Chapter 12 quiz I took in US History! I thought I did well on it!!!! I knew those questions! UGH, how did I get a 73??

My friend got into a car wreck on the way to school this morning. She didn't get hurt, but the accident was her fault. See, there's a main road that goes to my school and my friend's neighborhood is on that road. Her neighborhood is at the bottom of this hill and right in the middle of this sharp turn. From what I heard, my friend pulled out in front of this lady and the lady didn't have time to stop, so she hit her. My friend's car was totaled! The lady wasn't hurt either, and she had three kids in the car with her. They were all right too, but they were sitting on the curb crying. I'm glad my friend is okay, but I know she's shaken up from it. Wrecks are scary!

Going back to grades for a second, I also saw on Intouch that I got a 92 on my Latin project. How did I get a 92?? I did everything on the project rubric sheet and I made it all nice and pretty and organized and I had pictures, and I presented my project! Oh, where did I go amiss and have points taken away??? Why are all my grades turning out badly? Ok, yesterday in Chemistry we had to make notecards and do bookwork for homework. So, I did all of the bookwork and I made 14 of the 25 notecards but I ran out of notecards! And my teacher gave me an 80 for homework because I didn't have 11 notecards! 20 points off for that? That's crazy! UGH, I have an essay due and a test on my birthday. THAT SUCKS!

Ooo, speaking of my birthday, today me and my mom went to Party City and got birthday decorations! I'm having a Hawaiian theme so I have brightly colored plates, tropical flower centerpieces, a giant pineapple centerpiece, leis, and a bunch of other stuff. It's going to look so cool! Youfoundme was talking about how sometimes when you're talking to people it seems like they're only talking to you to be nice. I so know what she's talking about! Like, I try to talk to people because I want to have FRIENDS and not been known as the girl who never talks, but these people just don't seem interested in what I have to say. I wish I wouldn't run out of stuff to talk about all the time...maybe that would help.

I seriously need to lose weight. I know I'll be more likeable if I wasn't so grande! We got the pictures of my cousin's birthday party over the weekened developed and my face is looking too round for my liking! I also think I need Botox in my upper lip because it is basically nonexistent. For those who still don't believe me, I DO have cuckoo eyes! My eyes don't look the same, like the right one seems more open while the left one looks like a lazy eye or something. There are so many things wrong with me! I watched The Biggest Loser tonight and all the people who have gotten kicked off have lost the rest of the weight they wanted to lose and are completely skinny. Their transformations are amazing! I wish I could do that. I know I could if I would just stop eating crap and EXERCISE. Exercise is my main problem. I would go running (even though I hate running with a passion) but I live on the main road in my neighborhood and people from my school are forever zooming by in their cars, and I don't want them to see me huffing and puffing all red in the face on the side of the road. It ain't gonna happen! I would really love a treadmill but those things are too expensive. What to do??? I need to get my grades up and lose weight. Ugh, that seems impossible!

I just reread this entry and it is so it doesn't follow one topic, it bounces all around. Do I really think like that?

11:08 p.m. - November 01, 2005


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