I got out of doing two presentations today! For some reason, I am just terrified of presentations. I don't know what the deal is! I just hate them!

Today in Spanish, half the class was going to present their six sentences of what they did over the summer. You couldn't read from your paper, but you could have pictures to remind you what to say. So, I had full intentions NOT to present today because I hadn't memorized my sentences yet, and I knew if I held my peice of paper and was trying to look at it while I was up there, it would be shaking because I get so nervous and everyone watching your hands shake while you try to be cool and present your thing calmly is embarrassing, lemme tell ya! So, I really didn't want to present when my teacher started calling on random people because no one was volunteering to go up there. So, OF COURSE he calls my name! Then this boy who sits beside me (BESIDE ME!) was like, who's Ashley? I laughed it off with the rest of the class, but I'm sick of people not knowing my name when A) I sit right beside them, or B) I've been in their class all year. Anyway, I was like, ummm, I really don't have my sentences memorized! Can I please go next time??? And my teacher was like, sure you can go next time, for half credit! I was like noooo (in my head). But then this loud outgoing girl was like I'LL PRESENT! So, she saved my skin and I didn't have to go! Yay!

Then I was supposed to present my powerpoint on Gaius Marius in Latin, but we ran out of time! OH WELL!

Oh yeah, today in school the air conditioners were leaking freon, so the school had to be evacuated. I was out in portaville (the portables) so I didn't get to take a fun field trip outside. :(

Chemistry test tomorrow. Oh, THE JOY OF IT!!!

10:57 p.m. - September 27, 2005


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