Stupid People at School

I sit there and listen to these girls at school relate their wild weekend adventures to their friends. They talk about how they got so drunk, or so high, or had sex with this guy. I'm just like-where are your parents while you're doing all this?? How do they not know what you're up to? Their lives are just crazy!

I know I sometimes get a *little* picked on for being the "good" girl. So, I don't get drunk, high, or have sex with random people...I think that's a GOOD thing.

Today in Chemistry, we had to take one of those long surveys that have questions like "Have you used marijuana in the last 30 days? If so, how often?" My answers are always the same-"NO" to all of them. No, I've never tried this or done that.

A lot of the people at my school are mean because they make fun of people and think they're the coolest thing. Uh, yeah right.

I got my interim today. I have a 100 in Latin 2 and Desktop Publishing, a 97 in Spanish 2, a 95 in Language, a 91 in math, a 90 in Chemistry (GASP!!!!!!!), and an 85 in U.S. History (going to bring that up). Overall, it was a good interim, I guess. I also got my HSAP results back, and I passed. No more exit exam for meeee!

11:19 p.m. - September 20, 2005


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