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WHY won't my notes link work??? Stupid thing! It is entered exactly right in the HTML but it's still being mean! Well, anyway, my guts keep gurgling around. It's weird. Man, I really wish I had a cd burner! I wonder how much cd burners cost. Probably a lot. Well, my birthday is coming up soon...heh heh heh...youfoundme said she went to a football game on Friday. We had a game too, but I didn't go. I've actually never been to a football game because the people act just like the way youfoundme described them. They just get so crazy after school! I don't like having to act all cheery and school spirity when I really would rather be at home conked out on the couch. I've got 2 tests on Monday and both of them are in my least favorite subjects (Chemistry and Math). I haven't studied! :( OH, I did find out my class rank on Friday. These really smart brainy girls in my Latin class were talking about class rank and they told me I could go to guidance to get my rank. My class (class of '07) has 510 kids (I thought it was more than that...) and those two girls were numbers 34 and 38, so they're way up there. I'm number 62, which means I'm in the top 12% of my class at a high school that is number one in the state and in the top 5% of high schools in the nation. Not too bad. But top 12%!!! To get all of the goody scholarships and stuff I have to be in the top 10%!! I'm 2% away. That means there are 11 people in my way. This year I'm going to try and work really hard and knock those people (maybe even more!) out of my way. I guess not studying for two tests that I have on Monday is just a GREAT start to my plan, isn't it??

2:24 a.m. - September 11, 2005


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