A \"Friend\"

I just found out that I have a B in Chemistry! I have an 86! Even though that's kinda close to a C, still! BUT GUESS WHAT. I DO have a C in U.S. History AP! I never would have guessed I would get a C in there and a B in Chemistry. This sucks! A "C" is a bad grade! My teacher said that we'll get extra credit of a 100 test grade if we bring in 10 items to donate to a hospital. I'm definitely going to do that. My highest grade is a 110 in Latin 2.

Oh yeah, remember the friend I'm always referring to as "the friend I've known forever"? Well, last week or so, her and her way cool mom came over to our house to hang out and eat pizza. My friend claimed she had to use our computer to work on these questions about nuclear weapons or something like that. So she went up into my room (where the computer is) and was up there forever! The next day my mom was on the computer browsing around when she hit the history button and it showed the sites my friend had been to. She had researched stuff on nuclear weapons, but she also checked her e-mail and went to her account at myspace.com. My mom didn't know what myspace was, so she went to it and saw my friend's page on there. In one of her blogs she wrote back in December, she wrote all about how she was mad at her mom. In her blog she called her mom the B word and said other hateful things about her. I know you don't know these people, but let me tell you something. My "friend"'s mom is the most generous person in the world, next to my own mother. I mean, she has done EVERYTHING for my friend and her older sister. She's bought them all the expensive clothes, took them to the best dance schools, just everything! And this is how my "friend" repays her? Not only did my "friend" write all these horrible things about her mother on the internet, she also posted pictures of herself that my mom took of her at the beach, along with pictures of me and my sisters with her at the beach. So, our pictures were posted on the internet while my "friend" was talking trash. My "friend" had also specified in her profile what state, city, and high school she goes to. My mom was upset about my "friend" writing that stuff about her mom (who is her best friend) and putting me and my sisters' pictures on there. If some pervert wanted to kidnap us, they could because my "friend" put all of our pictures on there, where we live, and what SCHOOL she goes to! All someone had to do was wait in one of those shops across the street from the school and follow her home.

Her and her mom are over at our house a lot, so there we would be, a big group of girls all by ourselves. Plus my "friend"'s mom is a teacher. How awful is it to say those things in the first place about your mother on the internet for everyone else to see knowing your mom is a teacher?? How is that going to make her mom look? My mom was also upset my "friend" had put our pictures on there because it seemed like we associated with trash, which is what my mom said my "friend" wrote on there and was acting like, with her colorful language and what not. My mom had to tell my "friend"'s mom about it. Man, she got so mad at my "friend"! My mom tried calling my "friend"'s mom back after telling her about it, but she was in the middle of yelling at my "friend".

I need to stop calling my "friend" a friend. Because in all honesty, she has NEVER been a friend to me. When I've tried to tell her my problems, she wouldn't look at me and would just say "uh huh" like she wasn't interested. She was always trying to show off and prove that she is better than me. What kind of friend does that??? Someone who is NOT a friend, that's what. She only cares about herself. I remember when she would spend the night with me, she would get on the computer and chat for hours. I would be like, "hey, can I get on now?" and she would be like "yeah, just a minute" and then an hour would go by and I would ask again if I could get on and she would say "yeah, hold on". By the time she did let me get on, I was tired! You don't spend the night with someone and spend the whole time on their computer chatting to other people and not even let them get on their own computer after you've been on it for hours!

She's always talking about herself, like about something great that she's done, how she has a lot of friends, etc. She also acts like she knows everything in the whole world. If you try to talk over her, she gets louder. Like last week or so my older sister was riding in the car with her and my "friend"'s mom and my "friend" was telling my sister all about some court cases in Iowa and how Iowa's court system is messed up or something. Ok-my "friend" knows NOTHING about Iowa. My sister, however, GREW UP THERE. But, my "friend" likes to be the authority on everything, so she tries to make it seem like she knows more than you on anything. All in all, my "friend" was never a "friend". She is just too much like her dad, who is from El Salvador and cheated on my "friend"'s mom, has never paid a penny of child support, and made my "friend"'s mom cook and clean and slave for him for years. He too thought he was the center of the universe. So, instead of saying "my friend I've known forever", she will be known as my "friend". I've gotta use the quotation marks to show that I'm being sarcastic because this person is not a friend to me. I don't think she can really be a friend to anybody because she is so selfish.

Some people might think I'm being too harsh, but you don't know this person like I do. I've known her my whole life-I think I have a good idea of what she's like. There is no exaggeration on anything I've said either! My sisters, my mom, and I have all had discussions about my "friend" and how she's just like her dad, who is self-centered to the bone. So yeah.

After figuring out my "friend" never was a "friend", I figured out that the one who was really my friend was her mom! She is just the nicest person ever and boy, she will make you laugh. She is super friendly and will talk to anybody. And as I've said before, she's way generous and caring. She is the one that I always have fun spending time with. My "friend" always made me feel bad about myself, but her mom was the one who was always encouraging and stuff. Even though her and my mom have had some rough times, they still are the most caring and loving people EVER! Ok, I've written enough for today! Ciao!

12:01 a.m. - September 04, 2005


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