I just read youfoundme's diary and she said the speech coach said she has an amazing voice. That made me think of my own voice. I personally think I sound like a guy! I mean, my voice is so ugly! I've heard myself on the answering machine and on my cell phone's voicemail and I'm like, that's what I sound like??? Ewww! I must never speak again! All these girls at my school have these cute girly voices. Mine is just...well I guess I really shouldn't say I sound like a guy because my voice really doesn't have a gender! It's neuter. I don't sound like a guy or girl. Yuck, just thinking about the way I actually sound disgusts me! Because when I talk, I think I sound one way, but then when I hear myself on some kind of recording thing, I'm like, that's what my voice actually sounds like? That is what other people hear coming out of my mouth? And of course my favorite singer in the whole world is Christina Aguilera, who has the most beautiful speaking voice EVER! I mean, it's obvious if she sounds that good singing, then she must sound awesome just talking. And she does! Her voice is so soft and girly and pretty. It's fun to listen to! Sometimes I wonder how her voice goes from that soft speaking voice to that strong singing voice. I mean, if you ever listen to a clip of her talking and then to a clip of her singing, they are really different. It's like, that voice came out of there??? Wow! But yeah.

Chemistry is still my least favorite class. Oh yeah, I read in a magazine today that if you want to be a doctor then you should major in Chemistry. I will never ever be a doctor. I still think it would be fun to fly planes...who knows what'll happen and what I'll be. OH YEAH, gas is $2.99 a gallon here! Luckily, me and my mom both filled up like two days ago, so we saved $12! That hurricane Katrina was awful! I actually didn't know it was this bad. My hands are really dry. That darn soap! It's so drying! Must...have...lotion! Oh, and just to promote Christina a little bit here, go out and buy Herbie Hancock's cd "Possibilites"! There are many popular artists on there that Herbie Hancock worked with. Herbie Hancock is a blues/soul type of guy, so that's what his album is except he took popular artists and made them do the songs. Like Christina, she covered the song called "A Song For You". I've actually already heard this song and she's AMAZING on this song! I cannot wait until her new album comes out, which isn't until Spring of '06! I can't take the wait!!

11:37 p.m. - August 31, 2005


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