First Week of School

So. The first week of school is finally over. Now we only have 173 days left. This year is just whizzing by! Sure. This past week was only the first week of school and it seemed to last FOREVER! I don't know if I can make it through this school year.

The "check engine" light keeps coming on in my car. Like it'll come on for a while, but then it'll go off. My mom guesses it's just a loose wire. Hope so! I've only had the privilege of driving to school for a week, so that car better not break down and force me to ride the bus! I will not stand for that! You hear me?? I WILL NOT!

So anyways, my classes are ok. My favorites as of now are Latin 2 and Desktop Publishing. I particularly like Latin 2 because I have the same teacher as I did last year (seeing as he's the only Latin teacher at the school) and he's a really good teacher. I like his teaching style and I'm actually good at Latin, so I actually like that class. You know how you don't like classes you're not good in? Yeah.

Desktop Publishing is just an easy class (the teacher said so herself that it was!) and she expects everyone to make A's. So far all we've been doing in there is typing notes (which is fun!) and playing around in PageMaker (which is fun!).

Study Hall is another fav because I'm not learning anything in there and can do homework. Other than those three classes, I don't like the rest of them.

Well, math isn't too bad. I just hate math in general. Plus I don't understand the stuff half the time, which makes me frustrated, which makes me hate the class even more. I'm doing fine now, but that's only because we're doing review type stuff. When we start getting into the new stuff is when math is going to plummet on my favorite list.

Oh yeah, I do like my AP U.S. History class. That's only because we've been having discussions about stuff so far. We did take a current events quiz and I learned how utterly uninformed I am (I got 3 out of 10 right). Then we took a test to see what we know so far about U.S. history and I felt like such an idiot not knowing this stuff about my own country. Rather sad, no?

My least favorite class of all has to be Chemistry. My teacher is CRAZY. She's really loud and obnoxious and doesn't explain stuff well. Like she's been teaching us about significant numbers and how you multiply, divide, add, and subtract them. I understand how to find how many significant numbers a number has, I just get messed up when I have to add, subtract, multiply, or divide them. I can do the math on my calculator, but getting the right number of significant numbers in the answer is what I'm confused about. My teacher gave us all these problems and then made us go up to her desk individually to check them and she laughed at my answers. Laughed. I know I'm not that great at math, but it is not nice to laugh at a student for getting an answer wrong. The other day she taught us Dimentional Analysis. She walked us through the first problem (which was an easy one) so I had no problem. The problem was how many seconds are in a day. But then she gave us something like 49 kg over 1 L to 5 g over cm cubed. How in the heck was I supposed to figure that one out???? Of course all the people in my class are super brains and had no problem with it. I literally sat there with no clue the whole time. I felt so bad sitting there having no idea what to do. I HATE CHEMISTRY.

Now, the classes that are left...AP English is alright, nothing much to say about that. Oh yeah, another class I hate is Spanish 2. I like Spanish in general, but I hate my teacher! He's Italian and decided to learn Spanish when he met his wife, who's from Mexico. He's like...weird. On the first or second day of his class, he was joking around with this one girl. He was talking about what he would do if she was bad and he was like, "I'll make you clean my-" and then stopped, and there was a really long awkward silence. I saw this boy make a weird look across the room and I knew everyone in the class was thinking "clean your what exactly?". He eventually said "haha, I'll make you clean my entire class room or something like that" but it came off really lame. He showed us a powerpoint he made about an octopus (el pulpo) and he said the octopus's friend, Calamar, was sexy. I'm sorry, teacher's shouldn't say stuff like that! Then the other day he gave us a vocabulary sheet and it had the word b**chy on it! He just said lazily, "oh I don't know how that got on there, so just cross it out or don't look at it". I really don't like him. Plus he's been giving us stuff we don't even know yet. Idiot! Well, all that is what I get to look forward to this year! Yay! Uh, no.

1:31 a.m. - August 21, 2005


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