The End in Sight

LOOK AT THE DATE. It's August 1st!! I'm starting to panic at the amount of summer reading I have to do because I neglected to do it earlier, like I said I would.

Ugh, I ALWAYS say I'll do it earlier, and then I never do! I think this is my procrastination at its worst. I've got a little more than half of the stupid Catch-22, The Color Purple, and 7 chapters in A People's History to finish. I have 11 days. I better speed-read or something here! Ooo, I really hate this summer reading. I've really been wanting to re-read my new HP book but I CAN'T!

Tomorrow I go to school to register and find out what stupid, annoying people are in my classes this year. I hope so badly that this one boy isn't in my class. I used to like him, but I am nothing compared to him. He's one of the smartest kids in school, is a devout Christian, and all this other stuff that makes him seem perfect. I HATE getting classes with him because I always make a fool out of myself. I'm just not smart enough! I had 3 classes with him last year, and trust me, that was PLENTY.

Why, why, WHY does summer go by so quickly???

1:38 a.m. - August 01, 2005


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