HP excitement!

I got my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book from Barnes and Noble at 12:30! I've been reading up until now. I was starting to get tired and stuff wasn't making any sense and that doesn't do HP any justice! I'm SOO excited about this book! I'm already raving about what I've read so far! I actually can't wait until I wake up tomorrow (well, later today actually) so I can continue reading. Although I am thrilled to have my HP book, I do feel rather guilty because my summer reading books now lay abandoned. I've got three books to read, not to mention six chapters in a fourth book. I have to do analysis things for the three of the books and 12 analysis things for each chapter that I have to read in the fourth book. It's July 16th and I start school again on August 12th. I've gotta lot to read (besides being sidetracked by HP) and do by August 12th. I'm kinda getting worried...oh well! I've also heard that Christina Aguilera's new cd isn't slated to come out until early 2006! Which seems like forever! Ahh, all the waiting I've had to do! I about died of impatience waiting for this HP book to come out! And now I have to wait until early 2006 for my favorite singer of all time's new album?!?! How do I live, I wonder? Ok, it's burning up in this room. Why is it always hot up in here? I guess I should finally put in my window air-conditioner that I got from Lowe's. It's been sitting on the floor since like, February or something. I've been using it as a nightstand. But I could use the cool air up here. See, my house was built real cheaply (*cough*MUNGO*cough*) and just lovely for me, the cool air never reaches up here. But to be honest, I do love this house. I've lived in it my whole life, which is sixteen years. Lotta memories in this place. I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else...Well, I'm gonna hit the hay. And to all the HP fans, HAPPY READING! P.S. I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today! It rocked! Johnny Depp is such a good actor! He's especially good at playing weidos! :)

3:29 a.m. - July 16, 2005


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