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Eh, today was okay. When you read a book, do you analyze everything or do you just read it?? For me, I just read the book. But I've got people in my classes who are insanely smart and can pull every meaning out of the book. How do they do that?? I never get the deeper meaning! I must be retarted!

I FOUND my Frankie J cd! It was under the passenger seat in my mom's car.

That movie with Orlando Bloom ("Kingdom of Heaven") came out today! I really want to see it!

Ok, I have this friend who likes this guy. But there's this other girl who also likes that guy. This girl flirts with that guy. So my friend is really mad at that girl for liking "her" guy. Even though her and that guy aren't married and that other girl is free to like whoever she wants. I mean, my friend was raving mad at this girl for liking the guy she likes! Even though this guy has said several times that he only likes her as a friend. My friend has a tendency to take things too far. But oh well. She also got a brand new car last Saturday! Why do people give brand new cars to 16 year olds?? Their insurance must be outrageous. And just wait until she gets her liscence and gets into a wreck. That insurance is going to be out the roof! I know I keep changing topics a lot, but oh well.

Dang...what was I going to say? Hm...oh yeah! I'm DYING for Christina Aguilera to come out with her new cd! I don't care if it is the English cd or the Spanish cd, I just want some new music! And I know it'll be good! Well, I'm starving so I'm going to go harass my mother so we can go get food. We might be going over to Cindy's house tonight, I'm not sure. Well, peace!

5:41 p.m. - May 06, 2005


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