THE house!

I've been doing this weight lifting/aerobic program called The Firm for a week now. Hopefully it'll be able to get me in shape before school (blah) starts up again. Remember how I was complaining about my friend's mom and how we've been looking for her a house for a year?? Well, we think we've finally got her a house! The house is cute and the bedrooms are big enough to fit their giant rice beds in it. It also has a POOL! If they buy that house, then we are going to cancel our membership to our local pool and instead just pay my mom's friend for all the pool costs like chemicals and junk to clean it. My friend's mom is very picky. She only wanted a house with a garden tub, a fire place, high ceilings, an all white kitchen, a pool, and oh yeah, is dirt cheap. See why we've been having trouble finding her a house? They've been staying with my friend's grandma over in a town 30 minutes away and the reason she moved was so she could be near us and guess what?? This house is only 10 minutes from us!! So, this house, basically, is perfect for her. She told the lady who's trying to sell it to hold it for her until Monday. I'm so happy they are finally going to have a house!! You have no idea how strenuous and annoying and boring all this house hunting has been! I mean, she was just so picky!! But finally, we've come to the right house!

11:04 p.m. - June 25, 2004


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