Hit and Run

Well, I've decided to chit chat a little more. As I told you in my last entry which I typed like, 10 minutes ago, I went to go see Walking Tall today. I went with my friends and it was all a barrel of monkies. After the movie we decided to go to the mall which is across the street from the movie theater (a busy street, might I add). So here we go, five teenagers running across a busy street at night to go to the mall. I'm pretty sure some people thought we were crazy because we were darting out there in front of people and everything. Dangerous!! But it was so funny because we were running across the street and we made it to the other side and were running down the grassy hill and my friend Chris tripped and went flying down the hill!! It was funny because we were all running so fast to make it to the other side of the street without getting hit by a car so when he fell,he fell fast so he went skidding in the grass! Plus he was holding his drink from the movies and that sucker just went sailing across the grass. It was halarious!!! Plus he got grass stains on his clothes! *Don't worry, he didn't get hurt, he thought it was funny, too! :)

12:58 a.m. - April 10, 2004


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