Ahh, today is my first day of spring break!!! Wish I was going to Cancun. I went and saw that movie Walking Tall today. It was pretty good. The Rock is just cool!! The best parts were when the Rock was beating up people. He's good at it. :) Ooo, I want to go see that movie Ella Enchanted. I'm a Disney nerd. We (my mom and 2 sisters) can't visit family for Easter this year because my aunt and my grandpa are both sick. It'll be the first time in 15 years (which is how old I am) that we haven't gone up there for Easter. It kind of sucks because my family lives in a small town and it's really boring up there. My grandpa is pretty old so he doesn't go anywhere except to the VA Hospital every now and then. So my grandpa just sits there and watches the tv on mute. He does that everyday. I would go crazy! Plus my aunt (who lives with him)never tries to talk to him or anything. So he never has anyone to talk to. I wish my granny was still here because I know if she was here, he wouldn't be bored like he is now. Ever since she died he doesn't eat much. My aunt has to force him to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When Granny was alive things weren't like that. My Granny knew how to cook and Papaw knew how to eat. But see, my aunt can't cook. She's gotten better, but it doesn't compare to Granny food. Poor Papaw. :(

12:26 a.m. - April 10, 2004


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