Happy 2004! I'm having trouble writing 04 on my papers at school. I keep putting 03. I bet other people go through that too.

Do you have zits? Well I do, and no matter what I do to try and hide them, it doesn't work!! So I'm always walking around with these ugly things on my face. Plus it seems that everyone-and I mean everyone-at my school has the perfect skin. No kidding. I go to the rich kid school even though I am not rich. I live in the working middle class section that's much older than the newer $400,000-$600,000 dollar houses over in the rich neighborhood. My house is only worth $106,000 but when my mom bought it 20 some years ago it was only $45,000. But for real, all these kids have the perfect hair and skin.

I have a friend who was my best friend for a while but then we kind of fizzled out. We see each other more often now and back in the day people used to think we were twins. Nowdays though, no one would ever say that. Number one, we used to be the same height but then she grew to 5'8 while I stopped growing in 6th grade so I'm only 5'1. And she has the perfect skin too. And she doesn't need to wear a ton of makeup like I do. Plus it's not like the makeup actually helps me! If she wears anything she looks awesome!! I am jealous. Plus she's always getting boyfriends and stuff. Plus she's pretty good at poetry. I've had one b/f in 6th grade and I cannot write poetry. Boo frickity hoo!

10:09 p.m. - January 16, 2004


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