Small Town, USA

We went up to visit my Papaw and everyone else over the weekend. We were just going to stay Saturday and Sunday but then my sister got this crazy idea for just me and her to stay the rest of the week. I was against it, let me tell you! But then my sister started telling me how we only see everyone every so often, yadda yadda. So I stayed and that has to be the smallest, most boring town ever! I about went nuts up there because there was absolutely nothing to do. Plus it rained the whole week. Goodie.

But, there were a few fun parts. I got to see my older sister (yay!) and we went all over. We went into these towns that are way up on this mountain...somewhere we never should have gone in pitch black late at night (1:00 AM) not really knowing where we are or where we're going, and guess what? We ran out of gas and everything was closed, and I mean everything! It seemed dead up there. Real spooky-like. We finally saw these three hillbillys standing outside of Ingles and we asked them where a gas station was. We did not understand a word because they sounded so country. It was like they were speaking Chinese or something. They were mountain men for sure. One dude even had on a cowboy hat. So, we went in search of this gas station and went in the wrong direction (of course!) since we couldn't understand them mountain dudes and the road we took just happened to be in plain view of those mountain guys, so they were probably laughing at how we were going the wrong way with no gas. Luckily, we turned around when we realized we were just driving out into the sticks and had better find that gas station before we got set down on the side of the road and get eaten by bears or something. We turned around and found the gas station and didn't make it home until 2:00 AM. We were so tired we fell asleep on the floor. Thank God I am back home in my big city! :)

10:43 p.m. - June 20, 2003


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