I went to Carowinds today! It was really really really really really fun. I think I rode just roller coasters...yep. I rode the Hurler 5 times in a row without ever getting off. I don't understand why it's called the Hurler. I didn't feeling like hurling, even after 5 times.

I went into the waterpark part of Carowinds too! That wave pool is dangerous. I swear, if the waves hadn't of stopped when they did, I bet I would of drowned. What's with me and drowning? Anywho, I went in the Lazy River and learned how shallow it was (2 ft. 6 in.) by jumping right on in and trying to float off on one of those round yellow donut things and getting my kness tore up (yet again!) by the rough bottom. It's so shallow, I don't see how your legs can't touch the bottom. I mean, it's right there. Accident waiting to happen, that is. The bottom was so rough and spiky feeling. It was the walking-on-gravel and glass type of pain trying to push off of the bottom so you can float faster. You almost have to wear shoes in there or otherwise you'll scrape some flesh off in a hurry. I bet they made it like that on purpose. They wouldn't even let my sit on top of my floatie round thing to keep from tearing up my legs (even more!) and bleeding everywhere. Bullies. I should of done it their way and bled all over so I could use up all their band-aids.

Oh yeah, I also got one of those caricature pictures done with my sister. You've seen those things, right? Where they draw you in front of everybody and make your head real big and your body really small? Yeah, we got one of those done and I didn't realize my face was so wide. Hopefully that was just the exaggeration part of the drawing.

I have a bite on my foot and it really itches. I keep clawing at it, but it won't stop itching. Has that ever happened to you?

Geez, I'm such a cow. I need to lose weight, seriously. Don't want diabetes do we? NoOoOo...

10:05 p.m. - June 06, 2003


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