So what happened to the dinosaurs? They aren't in the Bible so how did they get here? Surely if God created them, wouldn't he want them mentioned in the Bible? And I really want to know how they disappeared like that. Was it really an asteroid that supposedly caused the Ice Age? You may think this is weird, but I kind of can't wait until I die so I can find out all this stuff I keep asking questions about. Like if there's another planet out there with life on it. The Bible says God made the Heavens and the Earth. Doesn't say he made just ONE Earth, does it? So couldn't there possibly be another (maybe even more!!!) "Earths" out there??? I wonder if in the future of this Earth, will we ever get advanced enough in technology to find out. Not in my lifetime I know. But eventually, it could happen, right? I mean, why not? It would seem kind of silly to make this big, huge, vast universe and only make uno planet with life on it. I mean, God could of put another planet out there 10 times the size of Jupiter with people on it so far away from us that we'd never find out anyway. If there is another planet like that out there, I wonder if they think the same thing and if they're looking for us.

10:51 p.m. - May 30, 2003


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