E's Wedding

Wow, what a wonderful weekend we had!

On Friday night, we loaded up the car and made the hour and a half drive to meet Nick's grandparents for his grandmother's birthday dinner at this nice, historic restaurant on a quaint little Main Street. We had fun being out on the town together, drinking cocktails, and eating yummy food. After dinner, we went back to their lake house and gave Nick's grandmother her birthday present (Campari and Bombay Sapphire gin) and hung out briefly before Nick and I had to crash. We had both gotten up at 5 am for work that morning after all!

On Saturday morning, I ended my months-long celibate stretch. I believe the last time Nick and I were intimate was in May if my record keeping is correct. It had definitely been a very long time. Sometimes, I feel like Nick deserves to have a better wife than me, one who meets his physical needs often. I have definitely failed in that area these past several months. Maybe that'll change now that we've gotten back at it, ahem. Anyways, after that, we headed to my mom's house so we could get ready for E's wedding. Once we were all ready, we headed down to the church.

Before the ceremony began, one of the guests brushed past the organ player to sit down, and he very coldly said, "keep it down" or something like that with a mean face. We couldn't believe he was being so mean that at first, we thought it was a joke, but no, he was being serious. Here is this old White guy, sitting in a church pretending to be a man of God, talking to people (a woman, of course) like that. What an asshole!

The church is Episcopalian, so the ceremony involved lots of incense and talk about God. I am not a religious person, so the ceremony was definitely boring for me. I was irked when the priest described women as being created by God for the purpose of being "helpers" for men...that's a no for me lol. It was also hot and stuffy in the church and we were all wearing masks, so my face was all sweaty.

E's dress was definitely very pretty. It had a sparkly top with capped sleeves and was a fit and flare style. E is a fuller-figured girl like me, so I personally would not have picked the fit and flare style as it hugs the middle section a little too snugly and maybe is not as flattering as other styles. She still looked pretty, though.

After the wedding, we all went to a second location for the reception. The reception was decorated so beautifully! E really had a beautiful vision that was executed very well. The tables all had white table cloths and gold chairs. Each table had candles and a flower arrangement that included cream-colored flowers and greenery. The silverware was gold as well. The dinner menus were printed on a little piece of plastic made to look like glass. It was a very cool presentation. The venue itself had white string lights all throughout, as well as candles hanging from the ceiling and in the windows. All the candles really made it feel magical.

As soon as we walked into the reception, there were waiters offering hors d'oeuvres and they were all delicious! There were pork belly bites on a stick, stuffed mushrooms, and little mini quiches. They were delicious! I had to have 2 of the pork belly on a stick because they were melt-in-your-mouth good! The reception also had an open bar with plenty of beer, wine, and cocktail offerings. We got to have drinks and mingle with people. Nick had disappeared when my mom and Amber and I were taking pictures and we found him outside talking to a couple who happen to be friends with my older sister, Angel. Angel was not able to come to the wedding because E had asked for vaccinated adults only and Angel refuses to get vaccinated. It really was too bad that we were all together having a great time and she missed out. Her choice, though! I let Angel know afterward that Nick had hit it off with her friends and she was surprised her friends were there, saying she thought they were unvaccinated. Sorry, but they are! Maybe Angel had thought they were more like-minded about the vaccine, but she was wrong and she was the only one who missed out.

We also got to spend some time socializing with Cindy, E's mom. Cindy's ex-husband was also there of course, and he and Nick actually ended up talking for a bit. Cindy's ex may have been a terrible husband and a bad father, but he is an old man now with lung cancer. When I asked him how he was doing, he said that pieces of him keep falling apart but he picks them up and keeps going lol.

After the cocktail hour, we were called in for the bride and groom's entrance. E and her husband came in and did their first dance together and then they did the father-daughter and the mother-son dances, which were very sweet. E then gave a brief speech, thanking us all for supporting them through the craziness of planning a wedding during a pandemic. Her last line was "pop the champagne, I'm changing my name" lol.

After that, dinner was served and the dinner was also delicious. Nick and I had both picked the pork dish (we had to pick our dishes when we RSVP'ed) and it turned out to be a honey mustard pork tenderloin with garlic green beans and rosemary red potatoes. Very good! The other dish was bacon-wrapped chicken with melted gouda, risotto, and asparagus. I wish I had gotten the chicken dish! The food could have been warmer, but the flavor was definitely there.

Me, my mom, Amber, and Nick were seated at a table with 3 relatives of Cindy's (2nd cousins, I think), including an older couple and an older lady. It turns out that the couple at the table lives in the same town as Nick and me, mere minutes from our house! The husband works for a bank but also owns a barbecue food truck. Before they left for the night, they approached me and asked for our phone numbers. They let us know they have a lake house back home and that they'll have to invite me and Nick out there sometime. Great! So that was cool that we ended up making a connection at the wedding. Small world, right?

After dinner, the DJ played all the best songs and we all danced the night away, Nick and I included! E changed dresses for this portion of the evening into another sparkly wedding dress but with a fuller skirt and a plunging neckline with sparkly tennis shoes underneath. We danced for hours, until the very end. Even Cindy, who isn't in the best of health and has bad arthritis in her knees, couldn't help but get up and bust a move several times. E's older sister and husband also showed that they still have all the moves at age 40. They met in a ballroom dance class in college, so they really know how to dance together. It was mesmerizing watching them lol! One thing I will say is E's sister and her husband have both lost a lot of weight and are incredibly thin now. E's sister was already thin and had no weight to lose, but she's even tinier now. They are also extremely covid cautious and wore masks the entire wedding and reception. I don't think they ate at all, and they kept their masks on even while dancing. Pretty intense, but they have 3 little kids back home who are too young for the vaccine.

I must admit, I'm STILL sore from all the dancing I did on Saturday night and it is now Monday! Like my calves and quads are especially sore as if I did some major weight lifting. Well, I guess hauling my big body around the dance floor was heavy weight lifting lol. I guess soreness is to be expected when you go from a desk job and sedentary lifestyle to suddenly being up and dancing in low heels for hours lol.

To wrap up the night, we all lined up outside and held up lit sparklers as E and her new husband made their exit. It was a really, really fun night in all. I especially enjoyed seeing Cindy all dressed up. She truly looked the best she has looked in a long time. She had her hair and makeup nicely done and she had the most perfect dress on. Cindy is also a bigger lady, but her dress was so incredibly flattering and beautiful on her. It was a sparkly floor-length periwinkle blue dress. She looked great! She looked like a fairy godmother and I asked her to cast a spell on me to win the lottery, which she did. Fingers crossed! After the reception, we all went home and crashed. Nick and I ate some frozen Angus burgers and chips before diving into bed and going to sleep.

On Sunday, Nick, me, and my mom went to a local brewery and sat outside. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice, cool breeze. We enjoyed just sitting and talking for a few hours. My mom couldn't help but bring up us having kids a few times, exclaiming that we would have "the cutest baby of all". When Nick had gone inside for a bathroom break, I told her to please give the baby talk a rest because he is truly all I can handle right now lol. I already get no peace or time to myself, so I definitely do not want to add a baby and Nick doesn't want one either. I thought Amber having a baby would satisfy her, but she keeps bringing it up and thinks I'm going to have a deep, life-long regret when I'm older and don't have kids. I told her not everyone dreams of being a mom, as she and Amber did. Hopefully, she's gotten the picture now that we truly mean it and don't want to talk about it anymore lol.

After the brewery, we went to a restaurant nearby and had a delicious dinner outside on their covered patio. I got a YUMMY prime rib, half of which is sitting in my lunch box waiting to be eaten as leftovers!

Nick and I both agreed that this was one of the best weekends we've had in a long time.

9:54 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 11, 2021


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